Gwel an Mor
Gwel an Mor is a partner of Landal GreenParks in the UK

Wildlife Activities at Landal Gwel an Mor

The only conservation centre of its kind in Europe

Visit the Feadon Farm website here.

One of a kind...

  • Meet Foxes
  • Fly Birds of Prey
  • Watch Badgers at Night
  • Explore Rock Pools
  • Feed our animals
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Inspiration
  • Fun
  • Memories

Our wildlife activities really set Landal Gwel an Mor apart from other holiday lodges. No other resort offers anything like this, the only wildlife centre of its kind in Europe.

We take conservation seriously, and have won both awards and accolades for our commitment to wildlife.

Feadon Farm is an amazing place where both children and adults can get up close and personal with wildlife, as diverse as reindeer and badgers. In fact, so far as we know, it is the only place in the UK where you can hand feed foxes. Meeting our rescued foxes Todd, Copper and Meadow, is a highlight of any visit to Landal Gwel an Mor and will be a lasting memory from your holiday.

Adults £13.00, children £8.00 (children under 2 free). Pre-booking is essential, please call us on 01209 844136 to check availability...

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Gwel an Mor is a partner of Landal GreenParks
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