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Parents Survival Guide to October Half Term

Friday 17th August, 2018

Parents Survival Guide to October Half Term

Half term is creeping up and there is a whole week (or two!) that you have to entertain the kids for! Don’t panic, we’ve got it sorted!

Kid's Halloween Parties – 25th & 31st October

Lots of spooky fun at our Kid's Halloween Parties - soft play, Clip N'Climb taster sessions, disco, party games, buffet and spooky punch. £10 per child (FREE for residents) and free for those under 1 or not yet walking. Places must be pre-booked on 01209 844164. All ages welcome. From 5pm - 7pm. Click here to find out more.

Autumn walks

Golden light, a blaze of colour in the trees and piles of crunchy leaves on the ground to kick through. Wrap up against autumnal draughts, pull on those wellies and get ready for a pooh sticks battle. Tehidy Woods is just up the road and is a great place for exploring and games of hide and seek. We’ve also rounded up the best autumn walks in Cornwall, just click here

Time for You

Whether you can escape for an hour or for a whole morning, you deserve a bit of time out! Discover the Wellbeing Spa and relax as our skilled therapists take you on a journey using treatments to rebalance, relax and rejuvenate you.

Rogue Theatre in Tehidy Woods

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise! Just a short hop from us, in the depths of Tehidy Woods a wicked and wonderful Halloween celebration takes place with theatre and adventure, thrills, frights, delights and dancing. Journey deep into the forest to the land of the rapturously dead where a collection of comic, macabre and sheer ghostly short stories plays out. Designed for brave adventurers of all ages!

Beach fun

Wander down through our woodland valley to Portreath beach and explore rockpools, adventure into caves, build sandcastles and be brave enough for a paddle. Top tip – we’ve got buckets and spades to borrow at Reception!

Try something new

There is so much to try at Landal Gwel an Mor! We’ve got Go Active! fun with archery, sea scooters, snorkelling and water walkers in our toasty warm indoor pool, body zorbs, indoor climbing walls, The Famous Nine golf course (with all weather greens and tees), a coarse fishing lake and of course our much loved Feadon Farm where you can meet and learn about lots of furry friends. Whatever the weather, there is something new to try every day.

Take away

You’re on holiday so let us take care of the cooking! One call to The Terrace and we’ll deliver delicious take away meals straight to your lodge door.

Pick your own pumpkins

Visit the pumpkin patch at Trevaskis Farm, just a short drive away, and choose your very own pumpkins to carve into ghoulish shapes for Halloween!

Book now for October half term and you’ll get 5% off plus pets stay FREE!

To book a break - click here



Best Autumn Walks in Cornwall

Friday 17th August, 2018

Best Autumn Walks in Cornwall

Golden light, a blaze of colour in the trees and piles of crunchy leaves on the ground to kick through. Wrap up against autumnal draughts, pull on those wellies and let's go for a walk…

Loe Pool

Happy trails galore at Loe Pool near Helston with miles of footpaths through the woodland and around Cornwall’s largest natural lake. If you go quietly you might even spot an elusive otter as they have been making their home here recently. A fantastic National Trust café at Penrose will warm you up with hot chocolates and homemade cakes!

Mount's Bay

A different take on autumn, but there is a hidden secret in Mounts Bay – an ancient petrified forest lurking in the sea bed! Thousands of years ago a forest covered the area and these petrified stumps can still be seen on low tides around Wherry Town (just before Newlyn) and Chyandor, just to the east of Penzance.

Just a short stroll from Gwel An Mor you’ll enter the magical woodland of Tehidy. 250 acres of ancient trees and peaceful lakes to explore and you might get to meet the famously tame Tehidy squirrels!


Choose from a gentle amble around the gardens taking in the sweeping views across the parkland and out to sea, or set off around the woodland path for riverside stomps through a tunnel of autumnal colour.


If it's stormy out then Sennen is one of the best places to watch the drama unfold. Follow the cliffpath up towards the old Coastguard lookout hut and round towards Land's End to see the biggest waves swooshing up the cliffs.



Adders in Cornwall

Wednesday 15th August, 2018

Adders in Cornwall

Gary Zammit from Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre part of the Gwel an Mor Resort, talks about his experience with adders.

Adders or vipers as they are sometimes known are our only venomous snake in the UK

They are not poisonous but are venomous. The difference is that 'poisonous' describes a plant, animal or anything else that is toxic or harmful if you eat it or touch it. 'Venomous' on the other hand refers to animals that inject a toxin directly into their prey to subdue them or in self-defence against a predator or a perceived threat.

The adder can be abundant in some parts of Cornwall particularly around coastal and moorland areas. They are however rarely seen due to their nervous behaviour and secretive nature so anyone who gets to spot one should consider it a privilege, as most people in Cornwall and Devon will never see one.

If you are lucky enough to see an adder, the key thing is to observe from a distance – no one has been chased by an adder so as long as you are a few feet away, you are safe. It’s also worth remembering that adders are one of our protected species making it is illegal to intently harm or kill one.

Unfortunately, each year a small number of dogs are bitten and an even smaller number are killed as a result of encounters with these beautiful reptiles.  The last reported human death in the UK by an adder was a 5-year-old boy in 1975. I myself experienced an adder bite on my 16th birthday whilst I was living in Hampshire. I had skipped school to go adder catching and after seeing several beauties, I managed to catch a lovely little male, which after being accidentally scuffed by me, managed to get one fang into my finger. The delivery system the adder uses is amazing as first the snake opens its mouth with the fangs hinged so they swing forward then as they plunge into the victim's muscles squeeze the venom gland which forces the venom through the hollow fang. This delivers the venom in a fraction of a second and with all the precision of a hypodermic needle. The venom of the adder is a hemotoxin, which attacks the blood preventing it from clotting. It can also attack the tissue and start breaking it down so when the venom is used on prey, it helps to start digesting it before its even swallowed.

When I was bitten, I left it for several hours before getting medical help and because of this I had to spend two days in hospital as my symptoms included severe local painful swelling, vomiting and fever. Perhaps karma was coming into play that day as that was my reward for manhandling the snake, bunking off school and not getting the bite looked at straight away but that encounter did not put me off my favourite species of snake.

The most important thing to remember if someone or a dog is bitten, try to keep them calm and keep movement to a minimum and get them to the appropriate medical attention as soon as possible.

Wildlife watch

This time of year there are usually still a lot of flowers to be seen in the fields and hedgerows but after the hot dry weather we have been experiencing, most flowers have already gone to seed. You will see more looking in any wet, boggy areas.

It’s a great time to look for butterflies particularly the migratory ones such as the red admiral and the painted lady, which may turn up on mass at this time of year.

Also basking sharks can be seen from the cliff tops.

Find out more about the activities at Feadon Farm and come and meet the animals! 

5 Star Hotels or 5 Star Holiday Resort?

Wednesday 8th August, 2018

by Bill Haslam, Managing Director, Landal Gwel an Mor Resort

I have been fortunate enough, through work and also personally, to stay in some of the best five star hotels and five star resorts around the world.

Whether in the luxury accommodation at the George V in Paris, The Savoy in London, The Lanesborough, The Dorchester, The Drake in Chicago or Fontainbleu in Miami, or any of the many new boutique style extravaganzas, such as Hotel Du Vin and Malmaison, that are peppered around the UK now.

They are all lovely, have polished staff, great food (normally) and wonderful rooms, as you would expect at this level.

5 Star Luxury…but at what cost?

They all have one other thing in common and that’s the price. Rarely can you stay in a classy luxury hotel for less than £200 a night and in London or Paris its £500 plus, while some are a good deal more.

You want to take your family? Then in a five star luxury hotel it means multiple rooms or a two or even three-bedroom suite. I have three girls and they seem to always want to take friends on holiday as well!

A nice lounge area and your own fridge and drinks area, maybe a balcony and, if you’re really lucky, a lovely view of some kind.

But then the price becomes really serious. In London, this could be £1,000+ per night and even elsewhere in rural UK you would pay £5,000 to £10,000 a week for one of the best suites in four or five star hotels.

What about 5 Star holidays abroad?

Anywhere nice abroad is no better. The Hotel IKOS Olivia (a beautiful hotel in Halkidiki in Greece), for a two-bed suite looking out to sea, wanted £16,000 for a week in July! Lovely place, but you can buy a new car for that. And that price doesn’t include flights for five people!

Then there are drinks and food at top hotel prices, delivered by a smiley servant holding out an expectant hand hoping for nice tip.  With three teenage daughters, I needed wrist therapy after signing so many dockets for chips, coke, water and anything else they could order - even stuff they didn’t want!

And travelling anywhere these days is some form of torture.  You can be sat in traffic in the UK of course, but for me the worst torture is still our national airports in peak season - or in fact, most of the year.

Airport parking can be as expensive per night as a cheap hotel room, and then you still have to endure the car park bus, delivering you to the cattle ranch that is Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted or Manchester these days.

Rude and pressured staff, sticky waiting halls, and queues of other sweaty and angry people, crying children and inebriated stag and hen parties…and our airports are still among the best in the world.

Two-hour queues and rude immigration staff greet you miserably in most American airports, making you feel like you’re a close relative of Osama Bin-Laden.  The Middle East immigration staff have learnt all they know from the US as well, and as for most of the Med airports, ‘manyana’ is the order of the day, and they couldn’t organise a wine tasting in a vineyard. (Posh version!).   

Take a fresh look at 5 Star holiday parks in the UK

Our UK holiday villages, parks and resorts (a wide description, I know) represent  top value for money in comparison, and there are some truly amazing places in superb locations offering great services and activities and even good food these days.

Gwel an Mor in Cornwall offers its new luxury Residence lodges with three bedrooms, a large lounge area, two bathrooms (one with a TV!), as well as a large sun balcony and air conditioning (useful this summer!).

Effectively you have a suite as nice as many five star hotels around the world, with all that privacy, and all for a third of the price of a reasonable hotel suite abroad. And all this in a location in England that’s as stunning as any foreign destination… Cornwall.

There is a pool and spa, a beach nearby, with most luxury lodges having sea views as well. You can park your car next to your lodge, eat in the restaurant or get food delivered, get up and go for breakfast or do it yourself.

And then there are all the activities: rock climbing, children’s play area, an amazing golf course, fishing, archery, and a beach you can walk to with surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking …….

OK, if you leave home at the wrong time you might sit in traffic, but this is a small price to pay in comparison with all the other advantages! And guess what? You’ve also saved hiring a decent car at several hundred pounds and arguing about collision damage waivers for the first thirty minutes when you arrive.

The best British 5 Star Holiday Villages have changed. They really do offer great accommodation, brilliant service and so much to do - or you can just hide away and relax in your hot tub.

For me, it has all the advantages of a lovely five star hotel suite with none of the disadvantages. If you have not considered this sort of luxury holiday before, then there’s never a better time to try it, with so many amazing places to stay in the UK.

Staycations are here to stay!    

Don’t leave Cornwall without…

Wednesday 1st August, 2018

Don’t leave Cornwall without…

We could reel off a million and one things that you simply MUST DO in Cornwall but there are a handful of firm favourites that always come out on top. Don’t even think about packing up your bags and waving goodbye to Cornwall until you’ve ticked off these ultimate Cornish experiences.

Feeling the thrill of surfing a wave

Do what the Cornish do and get out in the surf. It’s Cornwall’s number one activity and the best of it is right on our doorstep. Join the ocean mad team at Newquay Activity Centre based on beautiful Towan Beach and under their expert tuition spend a couple of hours feeling the surfing buzz. They’ll kit you out in all the right gear and know all the tricks to get you up and riding the waves - even on your first surf lesson!

Biting into a flaky Cornish pasty

It’s practically law that you can’t visit Cornwall without trying a humble Cornish pasty so follow your nose to the oh-so-delicious smell wafting out of every bakery and sink your teeth into Cornwall’s ultimate takeaway. Whether it’s a traditional steak or a quirky alternative enjoy it straight from the bag for a proper pasty experience. 

Trying the hottest new water sport

Seriously cool and utterly additive, stand up paddle boarding - aka SUP - is the hottest new water sport and Cornwall is the place to do it. Glide along the stunning coastline, paddle through caves and discover an abundance of marine wildlife. A definite mood pleaser, SUP is an activity for all conditions and best of all its super easy to master. But be warned: once you’ve tried it you’ll be forever hooked.

Making new friends at Feadon Farm

Our very own Feadon Farm is something no other holiday resort in the country offers and gives you the chance to get back to nature. Come and stroke our reindeer, hand feed foxes, go on night hunts through the woods to see who comes out in the dark, fly owls and lots more.

Joining the #jamfirst debate

Warm scones smothered in jam and crowned with lashings of Cornish clotted cream are what afternoon’s in Cornwall are made for. Delicious and wickedly indulgent, it’s best washed down with a freshly brewed cuppa from Tregothan Estate, Cornwall’s very own tea plantation. Just don’t get caught hiding the cream under the jam or you might just get exiled to Devon #jamfirst

Teeing off on our Famous Nine golf course

Inspired by legendary holes at the most famous golf courses around the world, our spectacular par 3 nine hole course offers a unique and challenging golfing experience. With spectacular views out to sea, every hole looks breath taking on its elevated coastal location above Portreath.

A winter wedding

Wednesday 25th July, 2018

A winter wedding

This month’s Event's Team blog post is all about the stunning winter wedding that took place here at Landal Gwel an Mor in late January. The way the bride incorporated deep, plummy reds and woody greens throughout the day really fitted in with the time of year. It was the perfect pick me up after that long horrible month after the Christmas period. Find out how the pair met via a dating site, what their plans are as a married couple and how they made their wedding day so personal to the two of them. Read on to see what the stunning bride had to say about her beautiful wedding day... 

What was your favourite part of the day?

 t’s hard to pick a favourite part; I loved every second of it! Seeing my bridesmaids in their dresses all ready to go took my breath away- they looked stunning. Walking to Rob at the end of the aisle and catching his eyes melted my heart. Having my stepdad walk me down the aisle made me so proud. All in all having all our loved ones share and celebrate the most amazing day with us was perfect! 

Did Rob have any responsibilities throughout the planning of the wedding?

Well, not really we discussed what we wanted together, but then I took control, called the suppliers and got things booked. He did have to sort the men's suits and pick them up for the day, but I was the one that arranged the fittings for him. He did come to meetings with me and of course the food tasting! Oh and he wrote his own speech of course!

How did you and Rob meet?

We actually met on Plenty of Fish (dating site) he messaged me first and after texting for a while we decided to meet and the rest is history.

What parts of the planning stages did you find stressful?

The only thing I did stress over was my seamstress, she cancelled on me 20 days before the wedding day, and I went into panic mode. Luckily April Bespoke Seamstress Services saved the day and did a beautiful job in making my dress fit perfectly.  I was very organised throughout the whole planning process and was only stressed about a week before, because I wanted everything to go smoothly and was thinking of things that could go wrong- luckily nothing did. The bridesmaids were amazing and my family couldn't have been more supportive so I had nothing to worry about and of course, the events team at Landal Gwel an Mor had everything covered.

What influenced your colour/theme?

I always wanted a rustic winter wedding and the plum bridesmaid dresses just seemed to fit perfectly with that. It was a very bold colour and worked so well with the surroundings, then followed this throughout the decoration with gold ribbons and hessian. I loved it!

Have you got any advice or words of wisdom for future bride and grooms?

Stay organised and book suppliers well in advance! (Brides are booking well in advance nowadays). Understand that people will have requests and wants for your wedding day, but remember that - IT’S YOUR DAY! 

What parts of the day would you spend more money on than others?

When I bought my dress, I was showed all the accessories and bought a hoop for my dress (which was over £100) my seamstress said this wasn't needed, so I wish I had not just gone with it and asked first to save the pennies. I was very lucky to have my mum make my cake and invites, so I would definitely say to save the pennies where you can make things yourself. I wouldn't have spent our budget any other way though I was very happy with everything, it did open my eyes to how much weddings cost though and certain things like flowers and photographer, I didn't mind spending that bit extra on as they were important to us.

How are you enjoying married life?

It’s amazing, people say 'oh it’s only a bit of paper' but to me it’s so much more than that. I honestly feel awesome being a wife and making that commitment to Rob for the rest of our lives. Rob was really sweet and said getting married opened another door of love for him. I'm a very happy woman!

If you could do the whole day again what would you do differently?

I honestly hand on heart wouldn't change a thing; I wish I could do it all over again! I made sure I made the effort to talk and spend time with all of our guests and take everything in as the day goes so quick! If I had to say something it would be not to worry so much the morning of the wedding, because it all went so smoothly and I had nothing to worry about!

What is the proposal story?

I didn't see it coming! Rob and I were actually staying at Landal Gwel an Mor just for a weekend to relax and spend time together. He went to go and get some bits to cook me breakfast in bed and came back with a massive bunch of beautiful flowers, as I held them he disappeared behind them and was on one knee with my gorgeous engagement ring! I of course said yes and then cried a lot!

What did you do for your honeymoon?

We went away to Bude - The Round House for a couple of nights, it was lovely, this was more of a 'mini moon' our pennies are now going into our new house and our honeymoon will be next year when we can afford to go abroad- somewhere with sea, sand,  sunshine and of course cocktails!

Any plans for the future as a married couple?

Our spare time is now being spent on renovating our new home together. It’s nice as it is something we can do together (although I’m not trusted with the power tools). Here we will start a new chapter...maybe a little family.

Who were your suppliers?

Cake - Mother, Caroline Cox

Hair - Hair by Victoria in Cornwall

Make-up - Daniella Hodgson

Flowers - Anna's Flower Barn

Photographer - Olivia WR photography

Dresses - Wed2b

Suits - Little Ann Maids

DJ - Sound One Disco



What is Luxury Accommodation?

Wednesday 18th July, 2018

by Bill Haslam, Managing Director, Landal Gwel an Mor Resort

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘luxury? Defining Luxury Accommodation is extremely subjective. The word ‘luxury’ is used for so many things, from soap to theatre seats, from a having a bath to wearing a jumper; it is, of course, truly an individual’s own view. 

One person’s view of luxury can be vastly different to the next person’s. 

Luxury jam, luxury cake, luxury underwear, luxury Christmas puddings, luxury, luxury, luxury!

To a Syrian refugee, luxury would just be a roof over their head and food in their tummy; to a Russian Oligarch, it might be his 350-foot superyacht.

What does a luxury hotel have? In accommodation terms, the word is spread around far too easily and unfairly by many accommodation providers. This is where social media and review sites, like Trip Advisor and Google Reviews, are becoming more and more important in defining what luxury in accommodation terms can mean.

The luxury room definition can stretch across a whole host of formats; whether it’s camping, glamping, 5 star hotels, a “luxury” shepherd’s hut, a holiday park or holiday village, a guesthouse, a caravan or a luxury lodge. And then there are cottages or even a shed in your back garden let by Air BnB!

When judging what makes a luxury hotel, social media can be misleading. 

Review sites and social media are now judge, jury and sometimes executioner!

You can learn a lot from a review, both good and bad. Often, of course, they are used to vent some form of punishment on an establishment. An angry customer is not good for business and sadly, these platforms are frequently used for a “give me something I want - or else” threat.

We have had people threaten us with writing a poor TripAdvisor review when asking for a refund, as they tried to cancel their week’s booking a day after they should have arrived!……they hadn’t even stayed with us!

But most intelligent people can see through the unfair or biased reviews, both good and bad, and get a distinct impression about the accommodation and whether it fits their own version of luxury. Often the reviewer’s personal holiday pictures can fancy filters, Photoshop, editing or staging with perfect models...just the place as it actually is.

The Hilton Hotel chain luxury, Marks and Spencer’s luxury, Waitrose, The White Company, Sainsburys…all these household names deliver some form of luxury and are among the best trusted “luxury” brands. We know what to expect from them and they have a good idea of what we want and what we, their customers, regard as “luxury”.

With accommodation that is not part of a trusted brand you can be taking a chance on a first visit so it’s important to do some research first...... the venue’s website might be useful, but in truth, it’s still a tool to get you to stay, and so will always have an air of optimism in its content and pictures.

Often you can find articles written by press or media who have stayed, and these days Vloggers and Bloggers, and of course, there are still the long-trusted bodies like the AA and Visit England.... who provide star ratings and inspect these businesses annually to ensure certain standards are kept.

I know from personal experience how luxury room definitions can vary!

So do your homework. It’s so easy these days. Don’t be a fool like me and book a mini-hotel in a Moscow, when supporting England’s efforts in the World Cup, and turn up to this hotel’s entrance! 

The real “Panoramic Mini-Hotel Moscow"


And having paid up front for this “Mini Hotel” at £160 a night (Moscow was full to the brim with football fans from around the world) and having argued with for a refund, I ended up with nothing back at all.

What makes the best 5 star resorts?

Gwel an Mor Resort in Cornwall has its own brand of luxury - lodges with hot tubs, wood burners, Egyptian cotton bedding, beautiful kitchens and bathrooms…even TVs in your bathrooms! that really is luxury (my view, although probably not yours, Mr Abramovich).

But don’t take my word for it, check out all the reviews (five stars on TripAdvisor since opening 12 years ago). Visit England gave us five stars and awarded its top national award for the second time to Gwel an Mor this year and, in their annual inspection, awarded us an unheard of 95%.

When Gwel an Mor uses the word ‘luxury’ it’s backed up by leading organisations and national bodies. These people know what is a luxury resort and they judge the accommodation accordingly. Their views are borne out by hundreds of customers who have written their thoughts on public forums.

So don’t just trust what we think and state......check out what everyone else thinks, and then book! 

Wild Swimming In Cornwall

Wednesday 11th July, 2018

 Wild Swimming In Cornwall

Salty skin, sea breezes and sand between your toes. Nothing feels better than throwing off your clothes, pulling on your swimming togs and running down the beach to the water. The thrill of the cool water hitting your feet, the gasp as it reaches your waist and the first brave duck of the shoulders under the waves. But once you’re in, nothing beats the feeling of summer wild swims with the water gently lapping at your skin, no wetsuit here please (well, not for a couple of months yet at least!).

We’ve rounded up the best and the most secret of places in Cornwall for a wild swim, so you can get out there and enjoy…

Mermaids Pool, Kynance Cove

Only accessible at low tide, wander down onto the beach and walk around the headland to the other side. Once there, head to the far side of the rocks and nestled in there is the most secret of all pools. Big enough to swim, deep enough to jump and the most crystal-clear turquoise water you’ll ever see. Mermaid heaven.

Treyarnon Bay Natural Sea Pool, near Padstow

This beautiful beach holds a secret – at low tide a natural sea pool appears in the rocks, big enough to really get swimming and up to 8ft deep in places. The pool has steep sides nearest the cliff which make it great for perfecting that dive!

Pedn Vounder near Treen

Park in Treen village, follow the track to the cliffs and then the scramble down to this beach with such white sand and blue waters that you’ll think you’re in the Caribbean. At low tide a sandbar pops up – your very own desert island! The isolated location of this beach also makes it a popular one for those who are brave enough to go without the swimsuit altogether!

Porthtown Tidal Pool

Just a short hop from the resort you’ll find this beach, popular with surfers but at low tide it holds a secret, a pool in the cliff. Head out towards the right-hand side of the beach as you’re facing the sea and you’ll find it at the bottom of the cliff. If the tide is low enough there is a great walk all the way to Chapel Porth beach as well – don’t forget to stop for a famous ‘Hedgehog’ ice cream at the cafe there!

Go on, unleash your inner mermaid! Let us know your favourite spots and share your pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram

Remember, the water can be dangerous and you must be mindful of tides, currents, rocks when diving and your own skills. Do be careful, don’t go alone and if in doubt, don’t enter the water.


Nesting Birds

Friday 6th July, 2018

Nesting Birds

At this time of year many of our birds in the UK are still nesting. For most species, the nest itself is solely made to hold the bird’s eggs then the chicks but some species will use the nest site outside the nesting season as a place to sleep.

Believed to start with the arrival of spring, the bird-nesting season officially runs from February to August but there are always exceptions to the rules, with some species falling outside of these timings. As we approach summer, some birds may have just started nesting while others have finished or are on their second clutch, so it is a great time for bird spotting and observing all the different stages the different species are at. For example, this time of year most tawny owls have already left the nest and can be seen sitting on branches, in their favourite position which is close to tree trunks, sleeping the day away. Whereas the swallows, who have been in Africa all winter, will have been busy working on fattening themselves up since their return to our shores in April.  The swallows will be building their nests soon and it is interesting to notice that all swallow nests look the same, crafted from the mouthfuls of wet mud they collect which they mix with dry grass, building their nests under rafters of barns or porches. The mud is expertly crafted into solid cups that stick to their chosen site and these swallow nests are often used to raise multiple broods throughout their stay over the British summer.

It is fascinating to think how birds naturally know how, where and what to build their nests from and that every species builds its nest from instinct – it is not something they are taught by their parents. As you will have observed, nests are built in a variety of different materials and come in all shapes and sizes. Magpies build a nest of twigs with a mud cup, topped with a roof of twigs in the top of a hawthorn or small trees. Wrens build a round nest of moss grasses and leaves with a small hole in the middle. In fact the male wren builds up to six basic nests that the female then inspects to pick the one she likes best before she finishes the nest. They are normally only a meter or so from the ground in amongst the ivy on a wall or tree or even in the corner of a shed.  Then the real miracle happens as the female wren lays up to nine eggs that take nineteen days to incubate with everything needed to make a fully functioning bird contained within each egg. The chicks are tiny and naked but are fed constantly by the parents and fledge the nest just a couple of weeks later and will be ready to breed at just one year old. Wrens are third smallest bird in the UK, with on the fire and gold crest smaller, when fully grown they will only weight the same as a pound coin.

Come and learn more about wildlife at Feadon FarmCall 01209 842354


Harvest Mice

Monday 25th June, 2018

Harvest Mice

We have many species of small mammals in the UK but only six mice – the Yellow Necked Mouse, Wood Mouse, House Mouse, Hazel Dormouse, Edible Door Mouse and Harvest Mouse.

Britain’s smallest is the Harvest Mouse, at just 5.5 to 7.5 cm long and weighing around six grams, it is the smallest rodent in Europe. This iconic little mouse is the one always pictured climbing an ear of corn or curled up in a little ball shaped nest. Sadly like many British species, once common the Harvest Mouse is struggling to fit into our ever-changing world. Intensive use of herbicides and pesticides to provide humans with cheap food has turned the once wildlife rich fields into a lifeless monoculture, where only the crop remains. Cornfields that once held bountiful supply of insects, wild flowers and grasses are now mostly gone, along with the partridge and Barn Owl that also thrived there.

Harvest Mice can still be found in hedgerows and areas of waste ground where they can be seen using their amazing prehensile tail, which can be utilised as a fifth limb to hold onto grass stems as they climb from stalk to stalk. Now classed a BAP Species, being on the Biodiversity Action Plan list identifies the plight of the harvest mouse, requiring direct action to halt the decline and hopefully reverse it.

With relatively short lives, the average Harvest Mouse will only living to about eighteen months and in the wild they normally have about three litters of four to six young a year.  The young are driven out of the nest at sixteen days old to enable the female to produce her next litter. Unfortunately most of these will die young from starvation, predation or the cold.  It’s no fun being a small mammal with a plethora of birds, mammals and reptiles preying on you including Barn Owls, foxes, adders and crows. With the peril of the Harvest Mouse being caused by man made problems we need to help this species by managing the land in a more sympathetic way.  This can be done by leaving field margins wild and trying to reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicide’s used on the land, which is a difficult topic with a constantly growing human population demanding more and more from the land.

The Harvest Mouse has been around for a long time so lets hope the efforts to support this species will encourage them to flourish. You can come and see the beautiful and tiny Harvest Mice on any of our Wildlife Experiences at Feadon Farm as with conservation in mind, they are one of a few species we breed at the centre.

To book a visit to Feadon Farm please call 01209 842354. Wildlife activities are £8 for kids and £13 for adults. Click here to find out more

What To Look Out for In June

It’s a great time for bat watching with over a dozen species to look out for, which with a little effort can be seen, even in some gardens. If you want to learn more about them you can join an organised bat watch or book onto a night walk at Feadon Farm where you are guaranteed to see some, as we have resident bats for you to meet. This is also a great time to look at our wildflowers along hedgerows and even the roadside plus this is the best time of year to see basking sharks, which can sometimes be seen from the clifftops.

Things To Do

Farming Wild Flowers, Tuesday 19th June (7pm – 9pm), Lower Ash Moor Farm, South Molton, Devon EX36 4RF

Cyril Cole has converted much of his former stock farm into wildflower meadows – not just a joy to see but also a resource to emulate – booking essential

Details and more activities on

Meet The Animals, Thursday 14th June (10am to 12pm) Feadon Farm, Portreath, Cornwall

Come meet the foxes and the other animals at Feadon Farm

£13.00 per adult, £8.00 per child

Call 01209 842 354 or visit

Encouraging Pollinators in your garden, Saturday 16th June (10am -12pm), St Austell, Cornwall

Join Wildlife Watch Volunteers and Tamasin Pemberton to learn how to encourage bees and butterflies into your garden this summer

Details and more activities on


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