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Cycle Hire in Cornwall

Cornwall is steeped in mining tradition, the evidence of which can be seen along the way on several of the trails. These historical sites, combined with riding through beautiful wooded valleys and forests alongside hedgerows filled at different times of year with primroses, gorse, campion, wild honeysuckle and heather, make cycling in Cornwall a truly unforgettable experience & a great place to hire a bike and cycle the trails and routes that criss-cross Cornwall. It will bring back many happy memories of your Cornish holiday and will certainly be something to share with all your friends when you get home.

Right on the doorstep of Gwel an Mor there is an abundance of safe cycling trails, offering the perfect starting point to link up with several of the area's mining trails and to explore the network that links up to offer cyclist 60 km of adventure and discovery.

So, why not book your bikes today to experience all that Cornwall has to offer and enjoy the benefits that being out in the fresh air brings to both mind and body?

To give you easy access to this exciting landscape we have bike hire available on site and have put together several user friendly route guides to help you on your way. Using these you will know exactly where you are heading, the distance and difficulty of the ride, the sights to look out for, points of interest and best places to stop en route. Whether you want to take in the Cornish countryside and take in the sights, enjoy a family day out or explore further afield there is a route or trail to suit your needs.

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Gwel an Mor is a partner of Landal GreenParks
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