Stay Safe, Stay Happy

Guests must adhere to our Health & Safety guidelines outlined below

At Landal Gwel an Mor Resort, we want you to have a wonderful holiday, so we do all we can to make sure you stay safe and healthy while you are our guest.

On this page you will find the main things we would ask you to take into account.

Your safety is our priority and we will be very happy to explain any of our suggestions or restrictions to you in full detail if this would be helpful to you. We promise there is always a sound reason for every guideline we put in place.

We are totally committed to your safety and wellbeing, as well as totally committed to doing all we can to make your holiday amazing.

1. Leisure Facilities

At Gwel an Mor Resort, we have fabulous leisure facilities on site, so you can have a great time and make the most of your holiday. We want you to have a safe, happy and healthy stay with us, so please do read through this information and help us keep everyone safe. First and foremost, we would ask you to use your common sense. For example, please do not use any of the leisure facilities if you have drunk alcohol within the last few hours or if you are unwell.

2. Swimming Pool

We DO NOT have lifeguards, so we do ask all our guests to follow our ‘Stay Safe, Stay Happy’ Swimming Code.

The vital things to remember are:

– Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult.

– The pool is 1.3 metres deep throughout, so do not dive or dive bomb in, as this is really dangerous.

– As we are sure you will understand, babies and toddlers are only allowed into the swimming pool if they are wearing a totally reliable nappy system! The system we recommend is a Konfidence swim nappy underneath and a splash about Happy Nappy on top. You can buy these from Reception.

– Do check the location of our emergency point and rescue equipment. If there is an emergency, push the emergency button on the poolside and telephone the emergency services 9-999 immediately.

When you arrive at the resort, please take the time to read our full Safe Swimming Code – which is displayed in the changing room and available from Reception. There are also instructions for safe use of the spa pool just inside the pool hall, beside the door.

3. Sauna, Steam Room and Spa

If you would like to use the steam room or sauna, please let us know 15 minutes beforehand, so we can get it perfectly prepared for you. We don’t keep these fully operational at all times, as we do try to conserve energy so as to stay environment-friendly. There are full instructions for safe use of the sauna and steam room displayed on the wall near the entrance to each, so please do read these before using these facilities. We regret that children under 16 are not allowed to use the Sauna, Steam Room or Spa.

4. Fitness Suite

Each piece of equipment in the Fitness Suite displays easy to follow instructions. Please read these thoroughly before you use them. Sorry, children under 16 are not allowed to use the Fitness Suite.

We recommend you check with a GP or other medical professional before using the Fitness Suite if:

–       You have felt unwell within the last week or so

–       You have a heart condition

–       You are taking medication of any sort

–       You are pregnant

To keep you safe, suitable footwear and comfortable clothing should be worn.

We hope you enjoy using our Fitness Suite and that it adds to your enjoyment of Landal Gwel an Mor Resort.

5. Tennis Court and Equipment

We love our tennis court, which is in a stunning position with sea views, and we hope you really enjoy it too! We advise that suitable footwear is worn at all times.

6. Cycling

There are so many beautiful places to explore around Landal Gwel an Mor Resort – hiring a bicycle can be a real highlight of your holiday. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom, but do stay safe. The Cornish lanes can be narrow in places, with some blind corners, so stay well into the left hand side and never cycle two abreast. It is important that you wear a safety helmet at all times and we would also ask you to make sure your footwear is suitable for cycling.

7. Hot Tubs 

Oooh, there is nothing quite as delightful as having your own bubbling hot tub on your sun deck! Some of our lodges have the added luxury of their own hot tub and there is also a whirlpool spa in the swimming pool. To make sure you enjoy your hot tub to the full, please read through these notes:

On arrival

When you arrive at your lodge, your hot tub will have been filled with fresh water just for you and we will do our best to make sure it is heated to the perfect temperature, ready for you to lie back and relax.Your hot tub will stay heated night and day, for the whole of your stay. If by any chance you are not quite happy with the temperature, just call Reception and we will be happy to sort it out for you.

Water maintenance

You may like to know we use chlorine to sanitise the spa water. (If you would like a full list of chemicals used in your hot tub please ask at Reception.) To make sure your bubbling hot tub stays in peak condition, our technician will check it several times a day, starting from around 10am. If you would kindly shower and remove any make up before using your hot tub, this will also help keep the water clear and sparkling.

When you need to be extra careful:

Although bubbling hot tubs are one of the great pleasures of life, there are sometimes when sadly, you may need to check with a doctor that it is OK for you to use one.

Do you have High/Low blood pressure?

Do you have a Cardio Vascular condition?

Are you a Diabetic?

Are you pregnant or do you think you may be pregnant?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these – please do check with a doctor that it will be safe for you to use your hot tub during your stay at Gwel an Mor Resort.

Here are a few common sense things to bear in mind, so that you will feel fabulous and invigorated after your hot tub:

– Drink plenty of water before and after using your hot tub

– Be really careful entering and leaving the hot tub, as the surfaces around it may be slippery.

– Please don’t take glasses or food into the hot tub with you.

– 15 minutes is the most time you should spend in the hot tub at one go.

Your children and your hot tub

Children do love hot tubs, but you do need to take extra special care, to keep them safe. Ideally, we recommend that children under 16 do not use the hot tub at your lodge at all. This is because children often have skin that is far more sensitive to the chemicals in the hot tub water than adults. They can also sometimes get drowsy in the very warm water, and children are more likely to overheat than adults. So, if you do decide to let your children use your hot tub, please make sure they are supervised by an adult at all times. It is also vital to check they drink a lot of fresh water, so they don’t get dehydrated. It goes without saying you should make sure your children don’t try to dive or jump in! And we would suggest that around five minutes in the hot tub at a time is long enough for a child, to stay safe. You will find a copy of these guidelines in your lodge, including full instructions for use. As our maintenance team will have prepared your bubbling hot tub for you before your arrival, remember you should not need to adjust any of the settings on the spa. Pressing the buttons in sequence may change the setting of the hot tub possibly putting it into sleep or economy mode which may result in the maximum temperature being limited to a rather chilly 20oc. If you do this by mistake, don’t worry – just call Reception and we will come and sort it out for you.


Kindly note, if you use your hot tub during the Covid-19 outbreak you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible if you or any of your party contract the virus during your stay if you use the hot tub.

We hope you have a wonderful time in your bubbling hot tub!

8. Wellbeing Spa

Our Wellbeing Spa is a sanctuary where you can enjoy wonderful treatments and feel your best. To make sure you benefit as much as possible from your visit, and to avoid any risks, we do need to know about any particular conditions you may have. This is why we ask you to complete a Medical Questionnaire before your treatment and we really appreciate your co-operation with this. For significant conditions, please tell us when you make your booking, so we can take your requirements into account and make any specific suggestions for you. This includes, for example, if you are pregnant or if you have a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, circulatory disorder, epilepsy, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes or if you suffer from any allergies. Although we will do our best to take your condition into account, we regret we are not able to offer a medical opinion and we recommend you check with your doctor that a treatment at the Wellbeing Spa will be suitable for you. Treatments at the Wellbeing Spa are only available to people aged over 14. If you are aged 14-18, you are welcome to enjoy selected hand or foot treatments at the Wellbeing Spa but please bring an adult aged over 18 with you, who can accompany you in the treatment room. We look forward to offering you a fabulous and revitalising experience at the Wellbeing Spa.

9. Feadon Wildlife Centre

Feadon Wildlife Centre is our award winning wildlife centre. There is nowhere else in Europe quite like it and we are sure that you will take home amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Activities include touching animals or coming into close contact with them, so there are some things you should make sure you do, for the sake of hygiene.

To make sure that you enjoy this incredible experience in complete safety, please read through this information.

– We advise that you wear sturdy footwear. The ground at Feadon Wildlife Centre may be uneven and slippery when wet. Flip flops are not a good idea!

– When you are walking to the farm, you will be walking on the public road. So be very careful especially on the bends, and be aware that the new eco-friendly cars make very little noise so you cannot rely on hearing them coming!

– You should not eat or drink whilst on the farm.

– Children should not bring dummies or pacifiers with them.

– Please wash your hands after each animal contact and before leaving the farm. Ensure all children in your care do this effectively.

– Wheels of pushchairs, wheel chairs etc, may become soiled on the farm. Please bear this in mind in mind when folding or storing them in your lodge or vehicleas hand contact with the wheels is probable. Facilities are provided on the farm to wash wheels.

We thought it might be helpful to you if we explain the reason behind some of these guidelines. All animals can carry infections which can be harmful to people and cause illness. If you follow our guidelines, this reduces the risk of picking up an infection. When you touch or feed animals, your hands may be contaminated with bacteria from the animals. There may also be bacteria present on gates, fences, walls, floors and other surfaces that the animals have touched, as well as animal droppings on the ground. That is why we advise you to observe these precautions, so you stay safe and happy! There are also some physical dangers on the farm and in other activity areas, so please ensure you and your children pay close attention to the Wildlife Rangers, and follow all instructions they give, such as not touching a particular animal or standing in a particular place. Our Wildlife Rangers have won awards for the excellence of the Wildlife Experiences, so just follow their clear instructions and you can relax and enjoy a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

10. Keep little ones safe, keep little ones happy

If you are bringing your baby or toddler to Landal Gwel an Mor Resort, we hope you will take advantage of the free hire of essential items that we will be happy to provide in your lodge. Please contact Reception for a complete list and to add to your booking requirements.

Travel cots

The travel cot we provide is designed for safe use with the mattress supplied, so please don’t bring your own mattress and use this in the travel cot.

Hot tubs

It is not safe for babies and toddlers to be in the hot tubs, as your little one may overheat, as well as possibly have a reaction to the chemicals used in the hot tubs.

Feadon wildlife experiences

Young children love our Wildlife Experiences. However, if you are taking a baby or toddler to Feadon Wildlife Centre, they should not use a dummy or pacifier and you must be really careful about washing their hands. Your child is precious and their safety is our priority.  Although all the items we provide for free hire have excellent safety features, we would ask you to take full responsibility for their safe use.