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Leisure Facilities - Stay Safe, Stay Happy

We want you to have a safe, happy and healthy stay with us, so please do read through this information and help us keep everyone safe.

First and foremost, we would ask you to use your common sense. For example, please do not use any of the leisure facilities if you have drunk alcohol within the last few hours or if you are unwell.

Swimming Pool

There are no lifeguards, so we do ask all our guests to follow our 'Stay Safe, Stay Happy' Swimming Code.

The vital things to remember are:

  • Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult.
  • The pool is 1.3 metres deep throughout, so do not dive or dive bomb in, as this is really dangerous!
  • As we are sure you will understand, babies and toddlers are only allowed into the swimming pool if they are wearing a totally reliable nappy system! The system we recommend is a Konfidence swim nappy underneath and a splash about Happy Nappy on top. You can buy these from Reception.
  • Do check the location of our emergency point and rescue equipment. If there is an emergency, push the emergency button on the poolside and telephone the emergency services 9-999 immediately.

When you arrive at Landal Gwel an Mor Resort, please take the time to read our full Safe Swimming Code - which is displayed in the changing room and available from Reception too. There are also instructions for safe use of the spa pool just inside the pool hall, beside the door.

Sauna, Steam Room and Spa

If you would like to use the steam room or sauna, please let us know 15 minutes beforehand, so we can get it perfectly prepared for you. We don't keep these fully operational at all times, as we do try to conserve energy so as to stay environment-friendly.

There are full instructions for safe use of the sauna and steam room displayed on the wall near the entrance to each, so please do read these before using these facilities.

We regret that children under 16 are not allowed to use the Sauna, Steam Room or Spa.

Fitness Suite

Each piece of equipment in the Fitness Suite displays easy to follow instructions. Please read these thoroughly before you use them. Sorry, children under 16 are not allowed to use the Fitness Suite.

We recommend you check with a GP or other medical professional before using the Fitness Suite if:

- you have felt unwell within the last week or so

- you have a heart condition

- You are taking medication of any sort

- You are pregnant

To keep you safe, suitable footwear and comfortable clothing should be worn.

We hope you enjoy using our Fitness Suite and that it adds to your enjoyment of Gwel an Mor Resort.

Tennis Court and Equipment

We love our tennis court, which is in a stunning position with sea views, and we hope you really enjoy it too!

We advise that suitable footwear is worn at all times.

Stay safe and have fun!


There are so many beautiful places to explore around Landal Gwel an Mor Resort - hiring a bicycle can be a real highlight of your holiday. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of freedom, but do stay safe.

The Cornish lanes can be narrow in places, with some blind corners, so stay well into the left hand side and never cycle two abreast.

It is important that you wear a safety helmet at all times and we would also ask you to make sure your footwear is suitable for cycling.

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Gwel an Mor is a partner of Landal GreenParks
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