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Feadon Farm - Stay Safe, Stay Happy

Feadon Farm is our award winning wildlife centre. There is nowhere else in Europe quite like it and we are sure that you will take home amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Activities include touching animals or coming into close contact with them, so there are some things you should make sure you do, for the sake of hygiene.

To make sure that you enjoy this incredible experience in complete safety, please read through this information.

  • We advise that you wear sturdy footwear. The ground at Feadon Farm may be uneven and slippery when wet. Flip flops are not a good idea!
  • When you are walking to the farm, you will be walking on the public road. So be very careful especially on the bends, and be aware that the new eco-friendly cars make very little noise so you cannot rely on hearing them coming!
  • You should not eat or drink whilst on the farm.
  • Children should not bring dummies or pacifiers with them.
  • Please wash your hands after each animal contact and before leaving the farm. Ensure all children in your care do this effectively.
  • Wheels of pushchairs, wheel chairs etc, may become soiled on the farm. Please bear this in mind in mind when folding or storing them in your lodge or vehicleas hand contact with the wheels is probable. Facilities are provided on the farm to wash wheels.

We thought it might be helpful to you if we explain the reason behind some of these guidelines. All animals can carry infections which can be harmful to people and cause illness. If you follow our guidelines, this reduces the risk of picking up an infection. When you touch or feed animals, your hands may be contaminated with bacteria from the animals. There may also be bacteria present on gates, fences, walls, floors and other surfaces that the animals have touched, as well as animal droppings on the ground. That is why we advise you to observe these precautions, so you stay safe and happy!

There are also some physical dangers on the farm and in other activity areas, so please ensure you and your children pay close attention to the Wildlife Rangers, and follow all instructions they give, such as not touching a particular animal or standing in a particular place.

Our Wildlife Rangers have won awards for the excellence of the Wildlife Experiences, so just follow their clear instructions and you can relax and enjoy a 'once in a lifetime' experience.

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Gwel an Mor is a partner of Landal GreenParks
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