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How to get firmer, smoother skin

This month our Spa Therapist, Kylie, explains more about cellulite and how to improve it...

What is cellulite? 
It's pockets of fat that have squeezed between bands of tissue, giving a bumpy, orange peel effect to our skin. When it comes to cellulite size definitely does NOT matter! All body shapes and sizes can develop it so just because you have a few dimples it doesn't automatically mean you are overweight. One common factor is poor circulation which results in a build up of fatty deposits. 

How can you get rid of cellulite?
Load up on anti-oxidants from berries, red & orange fruit or veg and citrus fruits.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. If water isn't your thing then green tea is a powerful anti-oxidant and can help increase energy expenditure.

Say hello to healthy fats! They'll help improve blood circulation and result in less fatty deposits clumping together. Stay away from the take-away and look for foods with healthy omega 3 fats such as oily fish, flax seeds, fish oil and nuts.

Exercise regularly. It helps to reduce fat, boost circulation and disguise cellulite by increasing muscle tone.

Exfoliation! Not only does it smooth out bumpy skin but it increases circulation. Use vigorous circular movements and concentrate on stubborn areas 2-3 times a week. Follow with a rich moisturiser such as Thalion Velvet Body Butter or Thalion Focus Cellulite Lotion. 

Our Spa Team are always on hand for advice, so feel free to give them a call or pop in and have a chat.
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Gwel an Mor is a partner of Landal GreenParks
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