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Tips for finding the right cleanser

Get the right facial cleanser for your skin and you’ve got a solid foundation for getting your skin in tip top condition. Many people tend to skip the cleansing step in favour of beauty wipes or a quick wash in the shower with soap, but if you remove the dirt and make-up and unblock your pores without stripping away moisture, then you allow all those wonderful lotions and potions on your bathroom shelf to work their magic!

Don’t forget, your skin changes with the seasons, your age and diet so if you suddenly find you have irritation, redness or breakouts then it might be time to look at your cleansing routine.

How to find a cleanser to suit your skin:

Dry Skin: Look for creamy, soothing cleansing lotions and milks, which contain higher concentrations of oils, water and emollients and don’t contain irritants - such as perfumes, alcohol and harsh detergents.

Sensitive Skin: As a general guide, look for unscented products that are labelled as ‘hypoallergenic’, ‘gentle’ or ‘calming’. Steer clear of exfoliating cleansers and scrubs if you are prone to irritation or rosacea, and make sure to avoid products containing alcohol.

Oily Skin: Oily skin is often the result of hormones and genes and, when not cleansed properly, can be prone to breakouts and blemishes. It may take a bit of trial and error to find a cleanser that doesn't leave your face feeling tight but does leave behind your skin's natural oils. Foaming and gel cleansers that won’t clog pores (non-comedogenic) tend to provide the deepest clean to remove oil, dirt and bacteria. But because these types of cleansers are effective, they can also be irritating, especially if the oily quality of your skin begins to change toward normal or combination. So watch for irritation and look for a milder alternative if needed.

Combination SkinIt is critical to only use well-formulated products designed for the mix of skin types you’re dealing with. Combination skin (oily and dry) can be tricky because you need a cleanser that effectively removes dirt and oil but doesn’t further dry or irritate other areas. You may find that using different products on oily versus normal or dry parts of your skin is helpful. For example, in combination skin the 't-zone' (nose, forehead and chin) tends to be more prone to oil than other areas, so you may be able to carefully use an oily-skin cleanser here. Some people find that they have oilier skin when they’re younger (teens and twenties), but that it changes toward combination as they reach their thirties and forties. If you find that your tried-and-true oily skin cleanser starts to irritate you in places, it may be time for a combination-skin approach.

Once you find the facial cleanser that works for your skin at the moment, wash in the mornings and evenings - though some people with dry skin find that washing only at bedtime and simply splashing the face with lukewarm water in morning does the trick. Follow up with an appropriate moisturiser.


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