Drive-in Cinema in Cornwall


America has been doing it for decades but us Brits are now finally catching on…. drive in cinemas are a unique experience!

With the addition of our state-of-the-art outdoor screen, we can now offer that drive-in cinematic experience right here in Cornwall!

Throughout 2021 we aim plan to show a host of top blockbuster movies using our mobile cinema screen, with audio from the films broadcast through your car’s audio system.

Drive-in events

Films & Other Live Events!

As much as we all love a great movie, it’s not just Hollywood A-listers that will be gracing our big screen. We plan to show a host of entertainment throughout the year to both holiday guests and local residents.

Our drive-in events will include everything from movies and films to football matches and live music performances – stay tuned to our social media channels for all the latest information, plus we’ll update this page to let you know what we’ll be showing and how to book tickets.


Drive-In Weddings

With our outdoor mobile big screen, you can combine an intimate, private ceremony with one where all your friends and family could attend, too.

Hire Our Big Screen

Big Screen Hire

COMING SOON IN 2021: Book our mobile outdoor screen for corporate events, live sport, live music or cinematic experience.