Accommodation for NHS Keyworkers

If you’re an NHS keyworker and you’re worried about working on the frontline while staying at home putting your family at extra risk, we have accommodation available

To organise accommodation with us, please make contact via the below details:
Phone: 01872 252205
Unfortunately due to necessary checks, availability and limited on-site staff we are only able to take bookings directly via the NHS

Supporting the NHS – Our Story

Can you believe that not too long ago coronavirus wasn’t a word that we knew? Now barely a minute goes by without someone mentioning the c-word. From dominating the news and taking over social media to talking about it with friends and family on personal phone calls and Zoom video chats. Four weeks ago, who knew we would be chatting to our neighbours through the slats in our fences or from the safety of our windows?

With the pandemic firmly gripping the world and causing panic and worry for many, we wanted to do whatever we could to help. But as a holiday business, it was hard to work out what we could offer that would really make a difference.

The team got to work, running countless brainstorming sessions and having endless phone calls to work out what we could do. And then it came to us with a simple yet amazing answer – we have more than 100 fully equipped lodges sitting empty! Who could they benefit? NHS keyworkers.

From NHS staff coming out of retirement and those coming to the county to support from elsewhere, to those who live with loved ones who are at extra risk of infection by living with someone working on the frontline; our lodges are the ideal place for those putting their lives at risk to self isolate before and after their vital shift work.

We would also like to thank all our staff volunteers who are helping to make this happen, as we couldn’t do all this without their commitment and support.


Messages from our NHS Heroes

Many of the keyworkers who have stayed with us have given our staff volunteers lots of gifts and ‘thank you’ cards when they left which have been gratefully received and enjoyed by all!

Here is a lovely message we received from the NHS:

“I would like to thank you and your team for the incredible support Gwel an Mor has given our staff over the past two months. Right from the first day of lockdown you were there for us, offering your amazing accommodation for our key NHS workers free of charge. Your incredible generosity in opening up Gwel an Mor has allowed over 50 of our staff to continue working on the frontline while protecting their own family and household members by moving out of their homes. This act of kindness allowed our colleagues to continue to work and provide care for our county at a time when their work was most vital.

Thank you so much for all that you have done.

It has not just been the offer of the accommodation itself that we have appreciated. You and your colleagues have been so flexible and responsive throughout this whole period. You’ve dealt with changes in last minute bookings, arrivals at odd times of day and night due to our hospital staff shift patterns, and even said ‘yes’ to a family pet being accommodated with its NHS owner! Your mantra of “Let’s keep it 5 star” has been amazing , and we have had lots of messages from staff staying at Gwel an Mor telling us how fantastic their stay has been. You’ve done all this during what must be a very difficult time for you, with such uncertainty in the tourism and hospitality industry. Everything has been done in the spirit of compassion and extreme generosity and we are truly grateful to the Gwel an Mor team.

On behalf of all our essential staff who stayed at Gwel an Mor, we are incredibly grateful. Thank you.

Please take care and stay safe, and we wish you all a speedy return to the ‘new normal”

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