Feadon Wildlife Centre

We will re-open April 12th – bookings available soon

Rescued foxes, owls, reindeer & more…

Come along and meet our resident animals on a variety of activities and experiences for on-site guests and locals

You can view our activity schedule online below and book onto any of our experiences:

About Us

A bit about us… we’re a non-profit business supported by Landal Gwel an Mor. Any income we receive from visitors contributes towards the upkeep of the animals we look after; most of which have been rescued or brought to us injured.

Where possible we try and release rescued animals back into their wild environment, and when we can’t, we try and find new homes for them or often provide this ourselves. We also work with various breeding programmes for British wildlife that needs a helping hand including hedgehogs, water voles, and harvest mice.

Feadon Wildlife Centre is something no other holiday resort in the country offers and gives you the chance to get a little bit wild. Come and meet our resident wildlife and learn about how amazing these animals are.

On our activities you will get the chance to do things like stroke our reindeer Nadelik and Lowen, hand feed the foxes, take a night time walk with us and using thermal imaging we see what animals are out and about in the dark or learn the art of falconry and fly our birds of prey like Sly the barn owl plus a whole lot more…

We do a lot of conservation work at the farm, including breeding and releasing programmes of our more vulnerable wildlife including harvest mice. All of our foxes have been rescued from various unfortunate situations, plus many of our birds of prey and mammals like Shakira the squirrel.

Meet the Animals - Available

A great choice for everyone, this experience gives you the chance to meet and greet some of our friendly Farm residents. Our reindeer brothers welcome lots of attention, our foxes love to be hand-fed, Sly the barn owl loves to land on your arm (whilst wearing a glove of course) and many other animals are here waiting for you to meet them and give them a stoke or two. This is a wheelchair-friendly activity.

£15 per person, under 2s free

Falconry Sessions- Available

Meet Harry our harris hawk, Sly our barn owl, Margaret our eagle owl, our buzzards and lots of other amazing birds of prey. First you will learn about how we train these beautiful animals and then you’ll enjoy an explanation about the equipment we use. We’ll all move outside where you will have the chance to fly the birds yourself (recommended for ages 8 and up) to see them in action. This is a wheelchair-friendly activity.

£15 per person, under 2s free

Wildlife Experience - Available

Join our Rangers for a woodland safari to discover the wildlife that lives right under our noses! Then interact with some of the residents, where you get to hand-feed our foxes, fly our Harris hawk Harry in the woods and meet lots of other resident animals. All of our visitors will love this experience from children to adults. Unfortunately parts of this activity are not wheelchair-friendly unless you have a high spec chair due to the safari in the woods.

£15 per person, under 2s free

Winter Wildlife Walk - Available

NEW ACTIVITY: Perfect for grown-ups and older children, our rangers will introduce you to our rescued foxes where you will get the chance to hand-feed them. We’ll take you for a wander over the fields with Harry our magnificent Harris hawk and take you into the woods when you will get the chance to put the glove on and fly Margaret our eagle owl. Plus you will meet our furry stoats and spiky hedgehogs. We’ll talk about how animals survive in the winter using different strategies and explain how we can all help wildlife in our gardens throughout the winter.

£15 per person, under 2s free

Winter Wildlife Adventure - Available

NEW ACTIVITY: Perfect for younger children, you will enjoy a reading of a fun children’s story that features some familiar faces from the centre. Then you’ll get to fly one of our smaller owls (either Owlbert or Sly) before heading off to the fox area where you’ll go on to meet our resident rescued foxes and hand-feed them some treats. We’ll then take you round to meet our reindeer brothers Nadelik and Lowen, then you’ll continue on your adventure to meet some of our other residents including the goats, emus, mice, snakes, ferrets and hedgehogs.

£15 per person, under 2s free

Night Walk Safaris - Available

So much wildlife comes alive only at night, but a night lamp, thermal imaging and a little expert know-how will reveal this hidden and magical world. Fly Sly our barn owl at dusk, meet our rescued foxes and hand-feed them and go on to meet our spiky friendly hedgehogs and bats that will fascinate both young and old. Then head out on an adventure to spot wild badgers, owls, deer and foxes that live close-by with our thermal imaging equipment. Unfortunately parts of this activity are not wheelchair-friendly unless you have a high spec chair due to the woodland terrain.

£15 per person, under 2s free

Gruffalo Time - Temporarily Unavailable

Temporarily Unavailable

Aimed at children and begins with a fantastic reading of the story of the ‘Gruffalo’. They will then have the opportunity to meet all the characters from this legendary book – they will hold a snake, cuddle a mouse, fly an owl and stroke a fox. They take a short walk into ‘Feadon Woods’ to find the real life homes of all the characters.

£15 per person, under 2s free

Rock Pooling - Temporarily Unavailable

Temporarily Unavailable

A classic seaside pastime, rock pooling is always fun but our Rangers add a new dimension to this activity. Learn about hermit crabs, starfish, blennies, sea anemones and sea hares and whatever else turns up on the day. You might even see a seal, a whale, a shark or catch a glimpse of a dolphin. You don’t even have to get wet!

£15 per person, under 2s free

Badger Watch - Temporarily Unavailable

Temporarily Unavailable

Settle down in our cosy hide for a sunset experience to see badgers and other nocturnal visitors in their natural habitat. Even if the animals don’t appear, you’ll see plenty of previous visits captured on our night vision Badger cam. Please note this experience requires you to be very quiet, so may not be suitable for very young children.

£15 per person, under 2s free

We have six new wallaby residents at the centre

Welcome to the Wallabies

Say G’day to our most recent additions to Feadon Wildlife Centre!

A group of six Bennet’s wallabies – also sometimes called red-necked wallabies – are now living in the field next to the reindeer and their specialist high enclosure was built by our very own wildlife rangers.

This species is originally from Australia, however they have been kept in the UK in zoos and private collections for decades. There are regular sightings in the UK of these wallabies in the wild after escaping or being illegally released. However, they do not like cold temperatures and suffer in severe winters which means they are unable to thrive in the wild.

We hope all our visitors enjoy meeting our newest additions to the centre and they will enable our rangers to educate more people on both our native wildlife and alien species that live in the UK.

Nadelik the reindeer is one of 6 animals available to adopt

Buy an Adoption Pack

Filled with goodies including a FREE pass to any of our activities, a certificate with the name of the adopter, a thank you card from your adopted animal and a fun fact sheet about your animal

Sly the Barn Owl
Nadelik the Reindeer
Slytherin the Grass Snake
Slinky the Ferret
Willow the Pygmy Goat

Only £24.99

Or call to order: 01209 842354

Say hello to Owlbert, our newest member of the Feadon family

Welcome Our Newest Residents

We regularly have residents coming and going from the centre, as we focus on rehabilitation back into the wild whenever possible. However, there are cases where it is simply impossible to release wildlife and instead we provide them with a haven to live wonderful lives with us.

Our newest addition to the Feadon family is Owlbert Einstein – a long eared owlet.

He’s already eager to meet our visitors, so you may well bump into him on an activity

Head out with our rangers for a bug safari and pond dipping adventure

Birds & Mini Beasties – Temporarily Unavailable

Discover the amazing variety of mini-beasts at our guided pond dipping and bug safari sessions. This is a led session and is perfect for the whole family as we explore the tiniest wildlife that lives in our ponds and woodland. After searching for the creatures that lurk beneath the water and under stones and within the cracks in the tree bark we will head inside to finish the activity by making a bird box, which you get to take home. Whatever the weather explore the area and learn fun facts about natures wonderful mini-beasts.

£15 per child, £15 per adult, under 2s free


Margaret our European eagle owl showing off her in-flight grace

Photography Sessions

Some photographers visit as part of a photography class group, while others will come on their own or with family or friends to capture some unique photographs of our animals that you wouldn’t be able to get so close to in the wild. The fur on our foxes, the feathers on our owls and the scales on our snakes are wonderful to capture on film. Let us know what you want to do and we’ll create a bespoke package to suit you.

Please call to discuss: 01209 842354
Or email for more information – feadonfarm@gwelanmor.com

Meet our four beautiful foxes Meadow, Todd, Copper and Mavis

Private Celebrations

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, an anniversary you want to celebrate or you simply want to join us with your friends or family, we welcome private bookings all year round. Come and hand-feed the foxes and get a kiss from Todd, fly Sly the barn owl, hold Margaret the European eagle owl on your arm, feel the soft fur of the reindeer brothers or hold Slitherin the snake. Our private sessions are tailor-made to suit you, so we’ll include the animals you want to meet.

Please call to discuss: 01209 842354
Or email for more information – feadonfarm@gwelanmor.com

Ranger Gary giving an educational talk about our residents to a group of children aged 5-9

School Sessions

We also welcome schools with children of all ages to come and visit the wildlife centre and learn about our resident animals. The children will meet the reindeer, goats, emus, foxes, owls, hawks, mice, reptiles, ferrets, and many more. These experiences will be tailor-made to suit the age of the school children and we welcome everyone from home education students to primary, secondary and college students.

Please call to discuss: 01209 842354
Or email for more information – feadonfarm@gwelanmor.com


One of our young visitors having a wonderful time flying Sly our barn owl

Children’s Parties

Children of all ages enjoy our children’s birthday parties. These include a two-hour session meeting the wildlife including hand-feeding the foxes and getting a kiss from Todd,fly the owls, feed the goats, stroke the reindeer and many more. We can cater up to 15 children of any age for £15 per head.

Please call to discuss: 01209 842354
Or email for more information – feadonfarm@gwelanmor.com

One of our visiting brides spending some time with snowy owl Wiggie

Stag & Hen Parties

If you’re looking for something different to do to celebrate your big day, join us with your friends and family and meet the animals of your choice. You can fly the birds of prey, hand-feed the foxes or meet the reptiles. Or you can request to head out on a night safari with thermal imaging and bat detectors. Let us know what you want to do and we’ll create a bespoke package to suit you.

Please call to discuss: 01209 842354
Or email for more information – feadonfarm@gwelanmor.com


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