Clover Fishing Lake

Our 2-acre coarse fishing lake is home to 12 beautiful swims to choose from, including a wheelchair accessible swim for those with physical needs. You can choose to bring your own fishing gear or hire some from our shop

The lake is stocked with a mixture of tench and carp that range in size from tiddlers up to 16lbs to cater to a range of experiences

Open weekdays 10am-6pm
Open weekends 8am-4pm

Please pay via our main reception Monday-Friday and in the golf shop at weekends. No need to pre-book – simply pay as you fish

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact our main reservations team 01209 842354

The two-acre lake is fully stocked with a range of sizes

Carp & Tench

Our lake is fully stocked with mirrored and common carp as well as tench with our largest carp called ‘Billy’ weighing in at an impressive 16lbs!

When we originally stocked the lake three years ago, our mirrored and common carp weighed between 3lbs-12lbs and the tench were 8 inches – they have all grown nicely since then with many of the tench now measuring in at 16+ inches

There are 12 swims to fish from, plus there is a fully accessible toilet available between 10am-6pm Monday-Friday, or 8am-4pm Saturday/Sunday in the Lakeside Reception

Return the fish back to the water expediently

Fishing Rules

We do not permit any of the following:

  • Keep nets
  • Ground baiting
  • Barbed hooks
  • Piercing of ground around this position
  • Braided line or lead products
  • Cat food, dog food or tiger nuts

Please use mats to lay fish on and return to water expediently

We don’t allow bank sticks as they may pierce the lining of the lake. With regards to the no braid rules – this is for main line and hook lengths to protect the fish. The no piercing ground rule includes the peg

Fishing is only permitted with a license

Fishing License

If you wish to go fishing, you will require a license.

Here is how you get one and the rules around it. It is an easy process that only takes a few minutes by clicking the link below.

Under 13 years are free
13 – 16 years need a licence but it’s free
Over 16 years need a licence

1 day = £6
8 days = £12
Year = £30 (over 65 years or blue badge holder = £20)

Purchase a license

Bait can be purchased at the Lakeside Reception. Fishing rules apply. Coarse fishing only, all stock to be returned to lake.

Winter Opening times: Mon – Fri 10am-6pm, Saturday/Sunday 8am-4pm

Open to everyone, guests and locals, just pop along for a quiet morning, a full day or even night or 24 hour fishing. Our Reception stocks bait and we have rods to hire. Don’t forget to pick up a loyalty card – collect 6 stamps and get a FREE full day of fishing!

Clover Lake

Fishing prices:

  • Full Day, 9am – 8pm: £15
  • Half Day, 9am – 2pm or 2pm – 6pm: £8
  • Night Fishing, 6pm – 9am: £16
  • 24 Hours, 9am – 9am next day: £24
  • Rod Hire: £5 per session

Fishing rules: No keep nets, ground baiting, barbed hooks, piercing of ground around this position, no braided line or lead products, cat food, dog food or tiger nuts. Please use mats to lay fish on and return to water expediently

The Clover Lake Fishing Etiquette

Lakeside Reception now open Monday – Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday/Sunday 8am-4pm. Outside of the Lakeside Reception opening hours, please contact the Main Reception, open daily 8am-8pm.

To ensure your safety and that of our staff servicing the lake, we would politely ask that you observe the following temporary rules and guidelines:

  • We do not provide pre-booked times: simply turn up to fish when you want and be respectful to other people fishing
  • Please keep to social distancing guidelines, both in the car park and around the lake
  • Payment will be made in the shop on arrival by accepted debit and credit card only
  • Please observe any signage
  • Ideally we advise you to bring all the equipment you need. However, if you do hire any equipment please leave it adjacent to the rear of the shop for the equipment to be sanitised. Please do not take it back inside the shop when you’ve finished
  • Please do not use the benches or jetty around the lake
  • Observe all signage and social distancing or you may be asked to leave without refund
  • Please leave the lake expediently once you’ve finished to make§ room for other fishers
Enjoy your fishing and don’t forget your loyalty card and to post photos on our Clover Fishing Lake Facebook page

Sanitising Equipment

We have invested in specialist fogging equipment that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that we are using to sanitise the entire resort, including in our golf reception, shop and on all hired equipment