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Guest Post – Sky Sports Presenter Michelle Owen

We recently welcomed Michelle back again with a brand new member of her lovely family...

A Family Break

Our third visit to Landal Gwel an Mor was a bit different, although we’d class ourselves as a family with Barney our labradoodle and Poppy our cat at home this time we had an actual small person with us! Our 3 month old Zac.

To say the pregnancy was tough would be an understatement, for the first 20 weeks I battled HG where your sick literally all the time and feel sick the whole time. When they finally subsided we had a lovely break at Landal Gwel an Mor last summer, and knew we’d love to being Zac along when he was with us.

Getting Out & About

We walked down to Portreath Beach from our lodge with him in the carrier and Barney loving galloping along the sand! As always Barney was made to feel so welcome and we even had some gifts left our for us, and a ball and some treats for him.

Enjoying Gwel

I treated myself to a lovely facial in the spa which I definitely needed! We took Zac swimming in the pool which had great family changing rooms and lots of room. The Terrace is dog friendly and ideal for a meal, let’s be honest when you turn up with a big dog and a small baby you aren’t always made to feel welcome but at Gwel an Mor we couldn’t be more welcome! It’s just perfect for us. I can’t wait to return in future when Zac is able to enjoy the soft play at base camp and really get to know the animals on the farm! Barney enjoyed looking at them!

Our Lodge

Our Tregea Signature Lodge was stunning, sea views and gorgeous decor right to our taste. So much so in fact we have several of the pictures and sea side ornaments in our house! Everything we needed for a 3 month old was provided free of charge, from a travel cot to baby bouncer, the option of a buggy and a steriliser. Zac has been suffering with colic and evenings have been noisy but he was really relaxed, maybe it was the sea air but he actually let us sleep for a few hours each night!

Hot Tub Time

Although momentarily bracing as I climbed in, the hot tub was luxurious once in it – a lovely temperature and a relaxing experience. It was just outside the bedroom door so Zac was fine napping indoors where we could see and hear him.

Unfortunately the weather prevented golf this time although the Famous Nine course looked immaculate. We did enjoy lighting our log burner and relaxing with Zac and Barney while the rain hammered on the wooden roof. My husband Adam made use of the gym too.

When the weather allowed we managed a couple of strolls to the beach and next time would be keen to explore more of the local trails with Zac in his baby carrier and Barney roaming along. We’ve now been as a couple with a dog and a family and I can honestly say it’s just a fantastic place for both!

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