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Meet Elisabeth Our Rescued Fox Cub

Feadon Wildlife Centre has rescued a baby fox cub who was found at the foot of a high sand dune on the beach alone, cold and hungry with a head tilt - here's her story so far

Rangers to the Rescue!

A few weeks ago, we got a phone call from a local vet who had been contacted by a worried member of the public about an abandoned fox cub with a tilted head found on the beach at the foot of some steep sand dunes.

The tiny fox cub was disorientated and hungry, and her mum was nowhere to be found. We rehabilitate whenever we can, but sometimes there’s simply no way to put them out into the wild which was sadly the case for this little ball of fur. Our rangers can’t resist an animal in need, so we’ve taken her into our eclectic family of rescued wildlife.

After conducting a few tests and checkovers, we still don’t know what caused her head to tilt. It could have been caused when she feel from the sand dunes, it might be a genetic condition she was born with or a number of other possibilities.

For now, this little fur ball needs a lot of food and hands-on attention from Head Wildlife Ranger Gary and his four-legged assistant Cybil the dachshund. Gary and Cybil are getting about three hours sleep a night, as this little one needs a lot of food and attention to give her the best chance of survival.

Naming Elisabeth

We considered running a Facebook competition to name the cub, until we received a message from a supporter of the wildlife centre…

A wonderful lady called Kerry sent us this:

“We visited you last year trying to make memories with my Mum who, despite being severely disabled, was an enormous lover and protector of foxes. Thanks to you guys and the utterly wonderful centre, Mum was able to realise her dream of meeting a live fox in person, and I was able to share that amazing experience with her together side by side a memory I will never forget. Devastatingly, Mum passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve and she has left such an unbearable hole in all our lives. I have just seen your post with the rescued fox cub and I am contacting you to ask if you would consider naming her Elisabeth after my Mum – I also feel that this would be just the most perfect present in her memory.”

Not only was this a heartwarming story but we also thought Elisabeth was a great name!

So this little cub was named in memory of Elisabeth Cunliffe, who sadly passed away aged 69 on New Year’s Eve 2019.

Managing the Animals During Lockdown

To ensure coronavirus doesn’t impact our ability to care for our residents, Gary and his lovely wife Alyson have moved into a lodge provided by Gwel an Mor so they are always on-site. We are also making sure our staff are volunteering in pairs, as some of our residents can only be handled by select Rangers, so we have to make sure they are not on a shift together to reduce the risk of those people coming down with coronavirus at the same time.

We still have lots to do, as life at the wildlife centre doesn’t just stop during lockdown. All our rescues need to be fed and their homes need to be cleaned as normal. They still require lots of daily enrichment and exercise, plus all their health needs from nail clipping to fur trimming and vaccines are all still vital.

This means while we’re closed to the public, our team of staff are volunteering their time to take good care of the animals all day, every day.

Can You Help Support Us?

Luckily the centre is subsidised every year by Gwel an Mor, as the high costs of caring for wildlife rescues do mean we run at a substantial annual loss of over £30,000 per year. Now we’re closed, this figure could double in 2020. So with our doors now closed to the public and with no idea when we can welcome people back again, we’re enduring an extremely tough time with our finances.

If you would like to help support us, we’re selling our adoption packs for just £24.99 and all the proceeds go towards the care of our animals. You can purchase an adoption pack for Todd the Fox, Nadelik the Reindeer, Sly the Barn Owl, Slytherin the Snake, Slinky the Ferret and Willow the Pygmy Goat. They are available online here or you can call us between 9am-5pm to place your order: 01209 842354




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