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Base Camp

Discover the best indoor activity centre in Cornwall

Clip'n'Climb, soft play and cafe

Base Camp is one of Cornwall’s largest and finest indoor activity centres for kids.

Perfect for rainy days or tiring out little ones before bed, Base Camp has a huge 2,000 sq ft soft play area. Over three floors of zip lines, ball pools, slides and fun are waiting with a self-contained play area for little ones under 3 on the ground floor.

Learn something new with our ten indoor climbing walls. Clip n’Climb has a safe harness and auto-belay system which means if you fall from the wall you are safely and slowly lowered back down to the floor to try again. Our instructors will have you scampering up the walls in no time.

While the kids are letting off steam you can relax in Base Camp Café over coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Base Camp offers hours of indoor fun and also makes a great venue for birthday parties in Cornwall

Soft Play

Explore three floors of ball pools, slides and other fabulous indoor play activities in the soft play area, designed for children over 3. You are welcome to join your children or watch whilst enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine in our Cafe. For little ones under 3, there is a self contained play area on the ground floor.

Weekday Term Time Prices

£4 for under 3's

£6 for age 3 and over

Weekend & School Holiday Price


Free all year for under 1's or those not yet walking

All participants must wear socks. If you do not have any with you we will require you to purchase socks from us at a cost of £1.00. These are completely re-usable and you keep them.

Clip'n'Climb Climbing Walls

Using the latest 'Auto-belay' technology, our clip and climb climbing walls will really get your adrenalin running! Suitable for all ages, from 4 years all the way up to adults, the concept is simple - you 'clip' onto belay ropes and climb. If you should fall, you are automatically lowered at a steady and safe rate back to terra firma!

Choose from 10 themed clip and climb walls, from the transparent wall for racing, or the dual timed walls to beat the clock and your own best times.

All staff are trained to ensure you have all the information and equipment you need to enjoy the indoor climbing walls in complete safety. 

From 3pm Monday – Friday those over the age of 4 can climb for just £4.00 per session and those over 15 can climb for £5.00 per session.


Age 4-14

£4.00    (Monday – Friday term time from 3pm)

£8.00   (Weekends & School Holidays)                                 

Over 15

£5.00    (Monday – Friday term time from 3pm)

£9.00   (Weekends & School Holidays)

Call 01209 844 164 to book your session in advance.

Climbing sessions are not available during Monday - Friday term time between 9am and 3pm. Sessions last 1 hour including a briefing, actual climbing time 45 minutes.

Base Camp Cafe

You won’t be able to resist the tempting food in the cafe, which serves breakfast, light meals, cakes, coffee and wine.

Click here to take a peek at our menu 

Autism Friendly Sessions

Every Tuesday 9:30am-10:30am we have a 'quiet play' session. It is a time when we do not play music and generally aim to create a safe, peaceful environment for children who may be autistic or have other special needs that require calm and understanding.

All children are welcome to join us during this session, but we do request all parents' co-operation in helping to create a calm environment during this hour.

School Trips

Schools are welcome to visit Base Camp for school activity trips. Clip 'N Climb is a challenging and enjoyable activity and Base Camp is the only activity centre offering Clip 'N Climb in West Cornwall.



Call 01209 844 164 for further details 

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Gwel an Mor is a partner of Landal GreenParks
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