Environmental Policy

One of the main reasons people come to Cornwall is for its environment - both natural and built

Landal Gwel an Mor recognises and accepts that the activities involved in the running of the lodges may encroach upon the environment. In an effort to minimise these harmful effects, we are committed to responsible and sustainable environmental management.

We seek to minimise our consumption of energy by utilising low energy lighting and having lights controlled by movement or light sensors where practical. All of our lodges are very well insulated, and have roof windows to bring natural light into the upstairs rooms, that would otherwise require increased artificial lighting and ventilation. Water consumption is kept to a minimum, and is recycled on our Wildlife Experience complex.

We provide recycling opportunities for our guests on the Resort for glass, cans, plastic & paper our guests are actively encouraged to use these facilities, as, are our staff. It is our aim to continue to increase the amount we recycle and reduce the amount we send to landfill.

We seek to increase our use of electronic communications to reduce consumption on printed materials. All e-mails have a signature attached (Please consider the environment before printing this email). Electric buggies are used by staff to move materials around the site so reducing noise and emissions.

While much of the resort requires the grass to be kept short where possible we allow grass and hedges to grow, encouraging wild flowers, insects and other animals to thrive. All fields have a 4 metre wildlife corridor around the outside. Tree planting is an ongoing project, we recognise the importance of trees in the environment, and wherever we can, will replant trees native to Cornwall.

All of our guests are encouraged to have ‘car free’ days, and we have local walking routes in all of our lodge folders. We encourage the hire of cycles we are located on the mineral tramway route, which our guests also made aware of, along with the local bus route.

At Landal Gwel an Mor we do not provide shops as we encourage our visitors to interact with the local community, and buy local produce, to promote social sustainability. The local village is within walking distance of the Resort.

Our Terrace Bar and Restaurant sources local produce where possible, and use local suppliers. All food waste is fed to the animals in the Wildlife Experience complex, or wildlife that come to visit every evening to collect their ‘supper’ on the farm. All peelings and grass cuttings are made into compost, which is used on the gardens around the resort.

We do employ local staff, to reduce the carbon footprint of the resort, many of who walk or cycle to work. All staff are trained to be aware of the environment, and use sustainable practices.

A Wildlife Manager and Gardener are employed by the Company, and the Wildlife Experience has many rescued animals that couldn’t otherwise live in the wild. They both work very closely together, and our team seek their advice, on best practice when choosing products to use.

The Wildlife Experience facility that we are currently developing includes the woodland area down to the village, which has a natural pond. Since taking over this property in November 2008, we have a volunteer group who have cleared a picnic area easily accessible by our guests, with views over the Atlantic. The pond has been cleared and along with the wood, which now has a path for pushchairs and wheelchairs, has an abundance of flora, fauna and wildlife. We are encouraging bird life, with many nesting boxes now being used around the resort and woods.

Many staff have first hand knowledge of the wildlife experiences that we provide for our guests, and encourage them to spend time on either a walk by day or night, or participate in pond dipping. We hope their stay at Landal Gwel an Mor will enthuse them, when they depart, and educate them in environmental issues, so that they can take an active responsibility when they return home.

This policy is reviewed quarterly, by the management and staff at Landal Gwel an Mor.

We believe it is our responsibility to protect and preserve the natural environment now and for the future without impinging the holiday experience our guests expect to enjoy.