Hot Tub Breaks

Bubbling Hot Tub Breaks in Cornwall

Imagine relaxing in a bubbling hot tub, gazing at the stars in the clear Cornish night sky, perhaps with a glass of chilled wine to hand, after a fabulous day on the beach

We’ve got a multitude of lodges with private bubbling hot tubs including:

Residence Eco-Lodge 2    Residence Eco-Lodge 3    Lakeside Signature

Tregea Signature    Tregea Signature Deluxe

Plus we also have the Tregea Assisted Living and Residence Assisted Living with hot tubs for those with physical needs

Discover the ultimate luxury hot tub experience at Landal Gwel an Mor Resort. Many of our lodges feature a wonderful secluded hot tub on your very own deck. With beautiful underwater lighting, your hot tub is the perfect place for you and your partner to unwind in sheer luxury

Delightful at any time of year, there is something particularly magical about soaking in a bubbling hot tub on a crisp moonlit winter’s night

When it comes to lodges with hot tubs, Cornwall takes some beating

spa at gwel an mor
Swimming Pool Leisure Facilities at Gwel an Mor Resort

Here at Landal Gwel an Mor Resort you’ll also find the Wellbeing Spa and the Swimming Pool – everything you need to kickback and relax


The Devil is in the Details

At Landal Gwel an Mor Resort, we pride ourselves on getting every detail just right, so your private hot tub is ready when you arrive at your lodge, already at the perfect temperature.

The translucent water stays warm night and day – so you can step into your private hot tub whenever the mood takes you throughout your luxury break.



Hot Tub Accommodation

Visit Landal Gwel an Mor Resort for the ultimate lodges with hot tubs in Cornwall – experience a taste of sheer heaven. Find out more about our luxury lodges with hot tubs today – the Residence eco-lodges, Lakeside Signatures, Tregea Signatures and Tregea Signature Deluxe lodges.

Plus our Tregea Assisted Living and Residence Eco-Lodge Assisted Living Lodges also have bubbling hot tubs. To ensure perfection, and as part of our ongoing commitment to the health of our guests, we change the water in your hot tub prior to your arrival. It can take a little while to get up to temperature, sometimes late on the day of your arrival.

Interested in booking a hot tub break in Cornwall?

Check availability here or see our special offers page for the latest holiday deals. Alternatively give us a call on 01209 842354 and speak to our friendly reservations team