Chromecast & Sonos Instructions

Read our instructions, so you know how to operate them during your stay

All of our lodges have a Chromecast system and all the Residence and Lakeside Lodges also have Sonos sound systems

We’ve put together some useful instructions, so you know what to do to operate the systems during your stay

Use our Chromecast system in the lodges

How to Use Chromecast for Casting to the TV

Log-in to the Wi-Fi called ‘Gwel an Mor Guests’ (no password is required)
Turn the TV on using the remote control
Select the icon at the bottom of the screen called ‘Chromecast’
A screen will appear showing a QR code
Scan this code and the system will attach your device to the Chromecast
Select the service you wish to use such as BBC iPlayer and begin casting
If the TV has not been used for a while or has been power cycled at the mains, you may get a sequence of photos when you choose the Chromecast option
These will clear automatically in a few minutes while the system resets itself

Please note – it is not possible to cast SKY to the TVs

Learn how to operate the Sonos system in the lodges

How to Use the Sonos Sound System

Log-in to the Wi-Fi that bears your lodge number followed by the name ‘Sonos’
The password: portreath (note all lowercase)
If you haven’t already got the Sonos app on your device download and install it from The Play Store or App Store. Select the one called ‘S2’
Open the app and after a few seconds you will have the option to link into the Sonos in your lodge
If you wish to attach a music service that you use, this can be done through the app’s control panel. You will be asked for the username and password of the system’s account
The account name is and the password is Gam1sonos

Remember to remove any personalised settings when you leave such as music accounts

Guest Wi-Fi Information

The main Wi-Fi throughout the site is called ‘Gwel an Mor Guests’ and is ‘open’ so does NOT require a password. This is the one to use for standard internet browsing and the one that must be used with the Chromecast.

The second Wi-Fi service offered is for guests with Sonos systems in their lodge (Residence and Lakeside Lodges). These are called the lodge number + Sonos. For example, 62 Sonos. This Wi-Fi is password protected and the password is: portreath (all lowercase). Please ensure you log onto the Sonos that corresponds to your lodge number.

The third Wi-Fi service offered is for staff only and is password protected.