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Why accessibility is so important to us

Since the very first day Gwel an Mor opened its doors, we have been on a mission to make our resort accessible for all our guests, including those who have restricted mobility. Our vision is not just to make resort destinations like ours accessible for these guests, but to do our best to ensure they have a truly amazing, exceptional holiday.

An important and
growing need.

Research by Visit England shows that there are nearly three
million UK holidaymakers who have issues relating to mobility, of which over
half a million require the use of a wheelchair. This is a very big and
important group, and it is vital that destinations take account of their needs
and those of the families and friends that they travel with. But it goes
further than this.

While the good news is that we are all living longer, this
inevitably means that a greater proportion of us will be living with long term
health conditions that will affect our mobility more and more as we age. In
fact, the same Visit England research highlighted that a total of 4.6 million
UK holidaymakers were travelling while also coping with some form of long term
illness. So, the challenge to resorts like ours will continue to grow – and we
must rise to it.

Designing solutions
for accessible tourists

The progress that has been made over recent year in the
design of accessible accommodation has been very impressive, and we have been
able to incorporate the latest ideas into our amazing new Assisted Lodge at the

This demonstrates the most up to date and modern approach to
accessible accommodation. This magnificent lodge offers not only the highest
standard of facilities but also luxury and quality, to ensure an unforgettable

The lodge is very spacious and has wheelchair access
throughout. The accessible bedroom features the very latest ‘H’ hoist system
which makes it easy to move from the bedroom into the accessible wet room. The
bedroom also features a fully adjustable electric bed. This M3 rated lodge has
ample living space with all the access one might require, together with NAS
rated kitchen fittings.

This has to be among the most stunning holiday accommodation
of its kind that you could find anywhere in the country, with many other luxury
features, including mood lighting, Bluetooth, a stylish log burner and a
spacious private deck with its own built-in hot tub.

We are excited to find out what our guests think of this new
addition to the resort!

A total holiday

Our thinking and planning extends well beyond the
accommodation itself. We have given careful consideration to accessibility
requirements across the whole of the Gwel an Mor Resort and its facilities.

Our Clubhouse has been built with plenty of space in the
changing rooms and our sparkling indoor pool features a hoist for use by our
guests. As well as thinking carefully about providing level access to all the
buildings around our site, guests with limited mobility can easily make use of
our Terrace Restaurant, our Wellbeing Spa and our fantastic wildlife activities
at Feadon Farm.

In this way, we are creating a truly inclusive experience
for all the groups and families that visit our resort, while continuing to
listen carefully to the feedback and comments of all our guests, to get
inspiration about aspects we could improve further in the future, as technology

A global trend

The United Nations carried out a special conference on this
very topic four years ago, where they highlighted the fact that, worldwide,
over one billion people are coping with some form of disability. The UN team
stated that it was vital that each nation should address the accessibility
rights of all travellers. Their report concluded:

“Accessibility is a
central element of any responsible and sustainable tourism policy.  Above all, we must come to appreciate that
accessible tourism does not only benefit persons with disabilities or special
needs; it benefits us all.”

We couldn’t agree more.


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