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What is Luxury Accommodation?

Bill Haslam, Managing Director, Landal Gwel an Mor Resort

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘luxury? Defining
Luxury Accommodation is extremely subjective. 
The word ‘luxury’ is used for so many
things, from soap to theatre seats, from a having a bath to wearing a jumper; it
is, of course, truly an individual’s own view. 

One person’s view of luxury can be
vastly different to the next person’s.

Luxury jam, luxury cake, luxury
underwear, luxury Christmas puddings, luxury, luxury, luxury!

To a Syrian refugee, luxury would just
be a roof over their head and food in their tummy; to a Russian Oligarch, it
might be his 350-foot superyacht.

What does a luxury hotel have? In accommodation
terms, the word is spread around far too easily and unfairly by many
accommodation providers. This is where social media and review sites, like Trip
Advisor and Google Reviews, are becoming more and more important in defining
what luxury in accommodation terms can mean.

The luxury room definition can stretch
across a whole host of formats; whether it’s camping, glamping, 5 star hotels,
a “luxury” shepherd’s hut, a holiday park or holiday village, a guesthouse, a caravan
or a luxury lodge. And then there are cottages or even a shed in your back
garden let by Air BnB!

When judging what makes a luxury hotel,
social media can be misleading. 

Review sites and social media are now
judge, jury and sometimes executioner!

You can learn a lot from a review, both
good and bad. Often, of course, they are used to vent some form of punishment
on an establishment. An angry customer is not good for business and sadly, these
platforms are frequently used for a “give me something I want – or else” threat.

We have had people threaten us with
writing a poor TripAdvisor review when asking for a refund, as they tried to
cancel their week’s booking a day after they should have arrived!……they hadn’t
even stayed with us!

But most intelligent people can see
through the unfair or biased reviews, both good and bad, and get a distinct
impression about the accommodation and whether it fits their own version of
luxury. Often the reviewer’s personal holiday pictures can help……no fancy
filters, Photoshop, editing or staging with perfect models…just the place as
it actually is.

The Hilton Hotel chain luxury, Marks and
Spencer’s luxury, Waitrose, The White Company, Sainsburys…all these household names
deliver some form of luxury and are among the best trusted “luxury” brands. We
know what to expect from them and they have a good idea of what we want and
what we, their customers, regard as “luxury”.

With accommodation that is not part of a
trusted brand you can be taking a chance on a first visit so it’s important to
do some research first…… the venue’s website might be useful, but in truth,
it’s still a tool to get you to stay, and so will always have an air of
optimism in its content and pictures.

Often you can find articles written by
press or media who have stayed, and these days Vloggers and Bloggers, and of
course, there are still the long-trusted bodies like the AA and Visit
England…. who provide star ratings and inspect these businesses annually to
ensure certain standards are kept.

I know from personal experience how luxury
room definitions can vary!

So do your homework. It’s so easy these
days. Don’t be a fool like me and book a mini-hotel in a Moscow, when
supporting England’s efforts in the World Cup, and turn up to this hotel’s

The real “Panoramic Mini-Hotel Moscow"


And having paid up front for this “Mini
Hotel” at £160 a night (Moscow was full to the brim with football fans from
around the world) and having argued with booking.com
for a refund, I ended up with nothing back at all.

What makes the best 5 star resorts?

Gwel an Mor Resort in Cornwall has its
own brand of luxury – lodges with hot tubs, wood burners, Egyptian cotton
bedding, beautiful kitchens and bathrooms…even TVs in your bathrooms!……now that really is luxury (my view, although probably not yours, Mr Abramovich).

But don’t take my word for it, check out
all the reviews (five stars on TripAdvisor since opening 12 years ago). Visit
England gave us five stars and awarded its top national award for the second
time to Gwel an Mor this year and, in their annual inspection, awarded us an
unheard of 95%.

When Gwel an Mor uses the word ‘luxury’
it’s backed up by leading organisations and national bodies. These people know
what is a luxury resort and they judge the accommodation accordingly. Their
views are borne out by hundreds of customers who have written their thoughts on
public forums.

So don’t just trust what we think and
state……check out what everyone else thinks, and then book! 

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