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Want to own a holiday home in Cornwall?

You’ve spent a lovely summer in our beautiful county; wouldn’t it be nice to have a piece of it for yourself? Holiday homes for sale in Cornwall are often expensive – a big outlay for somewhere that, realistically, you may only spend a few weeks of the year in.

We have the answer at The Residence, Gwel an Mor’s very own holiday lodge complex, boasting luxury accommodation sold in a way that makes five star living affordable. The Residence’s eco lodges are sold in shares so ownership is divided amongst a number of individuals.

Though popular in the States, shared ownership is a relatively new concept in the UK and gets unfairly perceived as a timeshare. Accommodation in Cornwall such as this is unique and out of the financial reach of most people and if it was a timeshare, involved parties would only have right of use to a property over a specified and clearly defined period of time.

Shared ownership means buying a proportion of the freehold so investing in something which you actually own and can sell-on or leave as inheritance to family members or friends. As a freehold there is no time limitation so this little slice of luxury can be yours to keep forever. Plus, unlike a timeshare, owners will have access to the complex at any time subject to availability. There are obviously more popular times so we have guaranteed certain weeks during the most desirable dates of the year which are rotated annually amongst owners.

Holiday lodges, such as The Residence, just aren’t for sale in Cornwall – it’s not only the property you to buy in to, but all the trappings that Gwel an Mor has to offer. As a resident at The Residence, you will get to use all Gwel an Mor’s excellent facilities – swimming pool, spa, Feadon Farm and The Terrace Restaurant; we really are providing an opportunity to share in our paradise!


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