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Top Tips for Wedding Planning in 2017

It’s not easy planning a wedding, that’s why we have a Wedding Coordinator here at Gwel an Mor to look after brides and grooms every whim. Outside the coordinators remit there is other work and plenty of decisions to be made. Don’t fret if 2017 is to be the year for your big day though…we are here to help.

Here are 10 top tips for helping you to plan the perfect
wedding day in Cornwall

1 If you just got engaged you need not rush head long into
planning the big day itself. Enjoy the moment and wait before you start to plan
the wedding itself.

2 When you do start to actually plan your wedding it is
useful to create a couple of lists. One is your ‘wants’ and the other is your ‘needs’, the difference is that without the ‘needs’ your day simply won’t
happen. Once they are looked after then the ‘wants’ can be looked at!

3 Set a stringent budget and be sure of it. The average cost
of a wedding is estimated to be around £24,000! Make sure you have a budget and
you work to it so as to avoid panic, frustration and unwanted or unforeseen

4 A wedding is all about the couple getting married, don’t lose
sight of this. Make sure that your big day is a true reflection of yourself!
Weddings should have a bit of character, so make sure you think about what
makes you unique and work it into your plans.

5 When you are planning a wedding and working to a budget it
becomes all too easy to over think decisions. There is simply no need, go with
your gut instinct, it’s probably what bought you to be with your partner, so
don’t fret and worry about each individual element.

6 Weddings take quite a bit of planning and plain old elbow
grease. Delegate and accept help from family and friends as a problem shared is
a problem halved. To get everything done on time and on budget you’ll need
help, so make sure you know who you can use!

7 Personalising your wedding day can make it truly unique
and really memorable for your guests. Flowers from your own garden, decorating
with family photos or using some of your guests talents for music are all great
ways to do this.

8 When finding items for table centres and other
decorations, etc make sure you seek out hidden treasures. Car boot sales, second-hand
shops and antique dealers are hot beds of cool, quirky and unique additions to
your wedding. Have fun and head out on a few adventures to find the bounty!

9 Keep an eye on the dates, they are important not only to
you but also to your guests and suppliers. Keep on top of ordering things on time,
getting invitations printed and sent and anything like pre-orders for food
chased up and organised!

10 Don’t panic. Although it seems like there is a mountain
to climb when organising a wedding the day will come together, especially if
you have your wedding at a venue such as Gwel an Mor. Let others take the
weight off your shoulders and try to enjoy the build-up and excitement of
wedding planning. Don’t stress and you’ll have plenty of energy for the big day

All that is left is for you to enjoy the day and set off on
a nice relaxing honeymoon!

If you are getting planning on a wedding in Cornwall then
drop us a line and come and see our beautiful venue. We’ll put your mind at
ease with our truly unique and bespoke weddings. Call 01209 842 354 or email events@gwelanmor.com to find out more.


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