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Top Ten Tips For Planning Your Wedding From The Experts!

planning a wedding, you can sometimes feel like it is taking over your life,
you may find yourself dreaming about how many tiers you should have for the
cake or whether to have roses or peonies in the bouquet. Our Events Team have
come up with their top 10 tips on how to keep the stress levels down and the
excitement levels up…


I have heard
the phrase ‘I don’t need to do that yet, I’ve still got 3 months’ too many
times, you wouldn’t believe it. Time is something totally in your control, so
why not use it to your advantage? When choosing your date think about what
other things could happen in the time up to the wedding; are you
thinking of buying a house or saving for the honeymoon of your dreams? If so, why rush yourselves. I believe 18 months to two years is the best time frame to
give yourself, you’re only going to get married once (hopefully) so why not go
all out and do it just how you want to. Giving yourself a longer time frame
will help you with organising the perfect day, you will have time to build up
the excitement, research different venues and suppliers, give your guests
extra notice to attend by sending ‘save the dates’, making sure there is enough
time for the mums to buy the perfect hat and overall create the perfect day
for the two of you.


can sound like such a boring part of planning a wedding, but you will thank me
after. When starting the planning process, open up a spreadsheet and think of a
realistic budget for yourselves. Once you have this figure in mind prioritise
what you would like to spend more money on (THE DRESS),
simply set out a budget for each part of the day, for example outfits, food,
venue. Also think of where you can cut costs, Pinterest and YouTube are two
wonderful platforms where you can learn to create décor or
favours yourself. Why not get a family member to make the cake? Who doesn’t
love a wobbly top tier or slightly soggy cake anyway? Totally homemade and also
a big saving. Doing things yourself will also make it a lot more personal to
the pair of you.


Support is
something you may not realise you need but you definitely do. Bridesmaids aren’t
just there to turn up on the day in a pretty dress; they are there every step
of the way, through bridezilla moments and finding ‘the dress’, they should be
there to lean on when you need the extra help. Make sure you choose Bridesmaids
wisely, but also don’t forget about Groomsmen! Make sure you involve them as
well, even if you just give them small jobs such as looking for a band or DJ. The
venue you choose should also give you the support you may need; a good Event Manager will always take stress away from you, never add it on, so keep
this in mind.


Vetting your
suppliers is such an important thing to do when choosing the right people to be
involved within your wedding day, it can make or break the day so make sure you
take the time to really research different companies and what they can offer
you. Just because your brother’s girlfriend’s cousin has an expensive camera
doesn’t mean they are a good wedding photographer, a lot of brides and grooms
will say their biggest regret is not having a photographer or not having a very
good one. Always check their reviews, trust recommendations and if you have a Wedding Coordinator, ask to see their recommended suppliers list. Choosing
suppliers from your venue’s list is a really good way of knowing that they will
be worth the money, and perfect for your wedding day.


Would you
drive your car without insurance or go on holiday without insurance? NO! So why
wouldn’t you insure your wedding day? It’s something most people wouldn’t even
realise existed, but for a few pennies you could save yourself thousands
against unforeseen circumstances.


Always try
before you buy, you may be thinking about dresses or suits, but no. Ladies we
all know the awkward few days after a bad spray tan, or trying out a new beauty
regime, so for your wedding day stick to what you know or leave it to the
professionals. For your day, if you are going to invest in having your hair or
make up done, don’t think of trials being a waste of money. The makeup look you
end up with may not make you look like the best version of yourself, the eye
shadow may be too heavy or the lip colour too bold, so always have a trial and
explain exactly what you would like. A good tip would be to have a look on
Pinterest at some hair or make up looks first and show your artist what look
you are going for to give them a better understanding, they will never be hurt
if you say you’re unsure on the look they have given you.


Don’t forget
about the Groom, it’s also his wedding day and you never know he may surprise
you. You are entering a lifelong partnership to share your lives together, so
share the planning stages as well, share the decision making and the stress.
Let him help with choosing the wedding breakfast menu or choosing the suppliers.


I cannot be
the only person out there, who loves all things stationary, can I? Head to the
local stationary shop, invest in a new folder, some glittery pens and a sparkly
diary to track all of the plans for the big day. You can buy specialist wedding
diaries to help keep on top of all of the different deadlines and to-do lists.
Include all of the dates that things need to be paid by, when the invites need
to be sent out and when you need the RSVP’s back. By setting deadlines for
things to be booked and sorted, it will eliminate the stress for the both of
you, and make you feel totally in control.


Oh no, the
dreaded guest list. This can be the most stressful part of the whole planning
process, trying to keep everybody happy and limit the amount of ‘I’m not
sitting next to that person.’ Believe it or not, I know how to solve this
issue. Drum roll please….. DO NOT PLEASE EVERY ONE! It is your wedding day,
your family and friends should have enough respect for you and your partner and
understand that the day is all about the two of you to not complain about the
seating arrangements. Always keep in the back of your mind that the day is
about the two of you and nobody else.


And finally,
enjoy it. Enjoy every step of the planning process because that time will be
over before you know it, and if you get it right first time then fingers
crossed, you won’t have to do it again. Take the time to try on every dress you
like, view every venue you are interested in and enjoy as many cake tastings as
you can stomach.

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