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Top 8 Tips for Planning Your Rustic Wedding in Cornwall

Dreamy venues

Nail this and you’re 90% there. The right venue is the back bone
to your big day and you can make your rustic wedding dreams come true by finding
a venue that mirrors your theme. Whether it’s a handfasting on the edge of a dramatic
cliff with the colours of the sunset as your backdrop, a yurt wedding with the
scent of woodsmoke weaving through the air and the flickering light of dozens
of candles or a country church filled with wildflowers and smiles. Think green,
natural and wild.  

Props to the stylist!

Rustic wedding styling is all about embracing nature. Simplicity
is key and thankfully this is easy on the wallet too. Take a woodland trip and
forage for pine cones, log stumps, conkers and autumn leaves. Collect mason
jars, candles, hessian strips and pieces of old lace. Pintrest soon becomes
your BFF as you uncover secret tips, how-to’s and ideas for your countrified

Inside tip – Use hay bales and woolly throws to create a cosy area
around a fire pit, where the two of you can find some late-night solitude, sit
under the stars together and reflect on your magical day.

Relaxed dining

Food is a huge part of a wedding and one of the bits the guests
look forward to most (after seeing the two of you get hitched of course,
tissues at the ready!). Lots of couples don’t realise you can really tie it
into your theme. A formal, sit down wedding breakfast doesn’t work so well with
a rustic theme, so go for a more laid-back approach – BBQ’s, hog roasts,
picnics or afternoon tea. Do away with the stiff table plans and let guests
choose where they sit to give a chilled-out vibe to your day.

Stay natural

Say goodbye to stiff, posed photos and say hello to gorgeous
candid shots filled with love and laughter. Go for a relaxed approach and
discover creative, organic spaces for your photos that help capture the emotion,
connection and essence of the day. From woodland valleys to secret Cornish
coves and windswept fields, you’ll be left with gorgeous photos for wonderful
memories of your wedding. Take the countryside as your influence; wild flower
headdresses, hessian, lace, breezy flowing gowns for the girls and modest
suits for the guys.

Inside tip – Don’t rush things, let everything flow naturally, the
rustic wedding is laid back so let each and every one of your guests feel this

DIY brides

DIY weddings are super on trend. Keeping it simple and personal means
so much more and handwritten invites and homemade favours will make your day
truly authentic. If you’re organising a wedding on a budget or you love making
things and being creative then this is the way to do it, head over to Pinterest
and YouTube and you’ll soon be able to make anything at home. Pinterest will
give you heaps of ideas for homemade décor and how to style the day. Create a
board, download the app and it’ll help you stick to the theme when you’re out

Stick to the budget

The hardest part of any wedding! But a rustic wedding can be
really simple and with lots of DIY bits and bobs for your décor you can keep
the costs down and keep your other half happy!

Inside tip – plan your budget right at the start and when looking
at quotes always plan for the higher end of the quote so you won’t have any
nasty surprises. If something comes in under the quote you’ll then feel super
smart and like you’ve made a saving!

Be prepared

Cornwall’s weather can be a little tempestuous. From rainy days in
August to snow in spring, it’ll always try to catch you out. Whether your
wedding day is partly set outside, or you’re being brave and going for a
marquee wedding, make sure you’re prepared. Incorporate blankets, umbrellas and
wellies into your venue décor, and if the weather does take a turn for the
worst your guests will love how prepared you have been.

Feel the love

With all the stress of ‘wedmin’ and the disagreements over flowers
and colours, don’t lose sight of the reasons you are doing this. Keep your day
romantic and all about the two of you. Dim the lights, share memories, take
photos and as the sun goes down use candle light to guide the paths. Take time
out for the two of you, even if it is just for 5 minutes for a little stroll to
reflect on your day and remember all the reasons why you are, where you are.

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