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The Perfect Chocolate Brownie

Is there a better cake for satisfying the sweet tooth than a well-made chocolate brownie? We are not convinced, but we are really rather partial to The Terrace Restaurant puddings!  Although there are plenty of other desserts on the menu at The Terrace we think that a brownie takes some beating.

We have prised chef’s recipe from him, to share with you so you can impress friends and family – or keep it all to yourself.

This recipe will help you create 10-12 servings of perfect, moist brownie with a little crunch from mixed nuts – best served warm and accompanied by Cornish Cream or vanilla ice cream.


This what you’re aiming for….


20oz Caster Sugar

8 Eggs

16oz Butter

6oz Cocoa Powder

16oz Dark Chocolate

6oz Plain Flour

8oz White Chocolate

8oz Mixed Chopped Nuts


Melt Dark Chocolate over Bain-Marie

Cream the butter and sugar

Add the flour and cocoa powder

Add the eggs gradually ensuring thorough mixing

Pour in melted chocolate

Add the nuts and white choc (in chunks)

Pour into greaseproof paper lined baking tray

Bake at 160c for 50 minutes or till a knife comes out clean

If you don’t want to make your pudding yourself come and visit us at The Terrace and let chef and his team do the hard work for you! 

Call 01209 844 132 to book a table


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