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Tapas at The Terrace

Here at Gwel an Mor we are really fond of head chef Joe
Lado-Devesa’ tapas. His Spanish heritage means that we are lucky to get to
sample the most authentic Spanish fair available. He is an incredible chef,
using local ingredients to craft some truly delicious tapas.

One of our favourite tapas dishes is Serrano Croquettes…..so
we asked chef for a recipe to see if we could make some on our own. Here it is,
so you can try yourselves.

Makes 8 portions


60g unsalted butter

60ml olive oil

120g plain flour

1 medium onion – very finely diced

1 litre whole milk

250g Serrano ham – diced

Ingredients for

100g flour

100g breadcrumbs

2 eggs


1.      Melt the butter and warm the oil in a
medium-sized pan over a medium/high heat.

2.      Add the onion and Serrano ham and sauté for a
few minutes.

3.      Add the plain flour and stir continuously so not
to burn.

4.      Add the milk little by little until fully

5.      Remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool

6.      Put the ham mixture in a greased bowl and leave
to rest in the fridge overnight.

7.      The next day, put the flour and breadcrumbs into
two separate bowls and beat the eggs into a third bowl.

8.      Roll the ham mixture into logs and roll each one
in each of the three bowls – first the flour, then the egg, then the

9.      Shallow fry the croquettes in a pan of oil until
golden brown.

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