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Sponsoring Portreath Surf Boat

Gwel an Mor is a mere stone’s throw from the sea, which is one reason why we have always had close ties with the local Portreath Surf Lifesaving Club. Over the years we have worked on various projects and helped raise money and awareness for this outstanding community hub which gives locals invaluable training and experience to younger members of the community.

Recently we purchased a new Surf Boat for the club, which will enable them to continue to compete in the sport at an international level. The club has produced some of the finest lifesaving athletes on the planet over the years, with club members competing against counterparts from Australia and Hawaii. There will now be two boats at Portreath Surf Lifesaving club, which will allow both the men’s and women’s teams to train year round.

The men’s surf boat rowing team finished fourth in the UK league last year so will be aiming for the top spot in the coming season! At the last World Championships in Montpelier the men finished with a very respectable Silver, so there will be a little room for improvement at this year’s championships in Holland.

The new boat is a DKG from Soldier’s Beach, New South Wales, Australia. Although it is not a brand new boat, it is a vessel with real racing pedigree and an interesting heritage too. It was used during the 100 year remembrance service for the battle of Gallipoli. 

The club welcomes new members and those interested in training with open arms, so do have a look around their website and get in contact if you want to dip your toes! 


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