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Seasonal Cooking in September & October

Here at Gwel an Mor we have The Terrace Restaurant to satisfy your hunger for fresh ingredients fused with Mediterranean flair to create beautiful dishes. Executive Head Chef Joe Lado-Devesa and his team are true professionals, with a focus on local suppliers and seasonal ingredients.

We caught up with the kitchen team to see what ingredients we should be using in September and October…



Oysters – Best eaten in the colder months from September to April oysters are great in many different ways. Eat them raw, fry them, bake them or stuff them – all methods are great for this beautiful seafood. Make sure you only eat/cook the ones that are closed, or close immediately after a light tap on the kitchen surface. You could even visit the Falmouth Oyster Festival here in Cornwall from the 13th – 16th October.

Crab – Similarly to Oysters, Crabs are best eaten in months that contain the letter ‘R’. Use the beautiful meat to create a perfect salad or sandwich, or serve with a beautiful bisque like the team in The Terrace do.

Duck – Early autumn is a great time to start cooking game, in previous years we have served varied versions of game pie. Duck lends itself to roasting, or the age old favourite Duck a l’orange.

Damsons – These beautifully juicy fruits are actually plums, as such they really lend themselves to excellent puddings and preserves. You can use them as a base for a more typical crumble or ‘cobbler’ and can also be used to make jam. One member of the team has even used it to create a cordial – lovingly named ‘Dabina’ in a nod to its famous, branded inspiration!

Sloes – This shouldn’t require too much inspiration. Sloe Gin requires no cooking, just a little patience. You can use your wares as a sauce or marinade for your Sunday roasts through the winter too.



Mussels – Is there anything more satisfying than Moules and Frites? Serve your Mussels in a mariniere accompanied by chips or a great loaf of bread, the combination of mussels with a white wine sauce is fabulous. A beautiful seafood dish that is a real favourite of the team at Gwel an Mor.

Pheasant – Change your Sunday roast for a bit of game. A rich flavoured meat which will make an excellent roast, best served with seasonal vegetables and a red wine sauce or gravy.

Kale – A great complimenting vegetable for roast dinners, or pasta or as the base of a salad. Kale is a very popular vegetable at present, due to its ‘superfood’ status. Many use it as the base for smoothies to keep health and vitamins topped up through the winter months.

Pumpkin – Aside from carving your pumpkins for Halloween you can use this vegetable in a variety of winter warming dishes. Use it for traditional American pumpkin pie, served in shortcrust pastry and lightly spiced, or use it to make a great soup.

Apples – Apples are great for puddings and treats. Typically best spiced  as part of an Apple Crumble. You could also make toffee apples for Halloween or maybe even ferment them and make your own cider.

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