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Say hello to our little friends

Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre are in Hedgehog heaven with these little guys being born on Tuesday 30th May 2017.

The Mum of these two little ones was originally bred from a female
rescued Hedgehog that Gary Zammit, Wildlife Ranger, nursed back to health.
These baby hedgehogs, once old enough, will either be taken to a local Hedgehog
organisation to help with a breeding program or released, both of which will
help the hedgehog numbers in the wild.

The People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), a charity which has been
running counts of hedgehogs for over a decade and compiled the figures,
believes there are now fewer than a million hedgehogs left in the UK, down from
an estimated 2 million in the mid-1990s and 36 million in the 1950s. The rate
of decline has wider implications for the state of the UK’s ecosystems because
hedgehogs are seen as an gauge species for the health of the natural world.
Because they feed on soil invertebrates (insects) and they’re not very fussy in
habitat requirements, if there is a big decline in hedgehogs, it raises
concerns about the quality of the environment generally.

The once common sight of hedgehogs in gardens could become a thing of the past,
do one thing to help!

Losing a third of the Hedgehog population in ten years is serious, the
most obvious thing is habitat loss. Fear not you can all help by doing at least
one, or more, simple thing to help our Hedgehog friends, check out these top
tips – http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/media/24380991/operation-hedgehog-tpc-noticeboards-16-jan.pdf

For more information and details
of how you can help, including how to get your village or town to get hedgehog
friendly, please email operation.hedgehog@cornwall.gov.uk
or visit

If you see a hedgehog during the day, or find one which
is sick or injured, contact Prickles and Paws on 01637 831299.

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