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Reasons to try Clip’n’Climb at Base Camp

If you’re on holiday in Cornwall, or live near to our home in Portreath, then you’ll be able to visit Base Camp. Base Camp is home to 10 Clip’n’Climb climbing walls to test your skill and stamina against. We love having some fun on the auto-belay walls and seeing who can clock the fastest time on our timed walls. If you need some further convincing then here are some other great reasons for you and your family to try climbing in Cornwall at Base Camp.


1.       Climbing is pretty physical, which is great for all round fitness. If you want to keep kids (or yourself) active then climbing is the perfect way to keep moving.

2.       Our instructors will teach all participants the ropes (pardon the pun) so our climbing sessions are great for teaching younger children to listen and take instruction. It will transfer to other sports and activities they participate in too.

3.       Reaching the top of the walls at Base Camp will give you a great sense of satisfaction. As an activity, climbing is great for developing and encouraging self-confidence in children of all ages.

4.       Not only is climbing good as a form of physical fitness, it is also great for developing mental agility too. As participants climb they’ll need to be great problem solvers, improving their focus and concentration.

5.       Climbing is you against the wall, so it’s non-competitive nature makes it perfect for challenging yourself and working to your own ability.

6.       Clip’n’climb at Base Camp is a true family friendly activity. The walls cater for ages ranging from four years old to old as granny and grandad! There are few better ways to bring the whole family together and you can all fit in a single session too.

7.       Climbing in groups helps to encourage social interaction between children which is useful in all aspects of day to day life. Making friends and working as a team is also important to help each other through the various challenges.

8.       Indoor climbing is great fun and an awesome introduction to the wider sport of climbing. It could plant the seed for a long term hobby that gets the children or family climbing outdoors and exploring the countryside.

9.       Eleanor Roosevelt famously said you should try something that scares you every day. If you’re in Cornwall and you’ve already tried surfing then your next stop should be Base Camp to try your hand at climbing to get the adrenaline pumping!

10.   It’s loads and loads of fun! That really should be the only inspiration you need to get yourself down to Base Camp to try something new and accessible for the whole family!

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