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Perfect Sandcastles in Cornwall

It’s a must for every family holiday in Cornwall. Head to the beach with the kids and build a sandcastle or two. Whatever your approach it is a truly great way of having some fun on the beach.

Scientists have actually tested to discover the best water
to sand ratio for strength; they recommend 50 parts sand to 1 part water –
although we suspect that this isn’t always possible on the beach and doesn’t
take into account the various sands of the beaches in Cornwall! We are just
pointing you in the right direction!

Let’s cover off a few elements for successful sandcastle

Sand needs water.

Make sure you have a plentiful supply of water nearby as
you’re going to need moist sand to create truly amazing sandcastles. Dry sand
simply won’t work, so make sure you mix your sand with plenty of water.
Remember that you are best to drain the sand off, really wet sand does that
sucky/squelchy thing and gets stuck in your bucket. Nobody likes that.

Tools of the trade.

If you are aiming for the ambitious then we advise taking an
actual shovel to the beach, those plastic beach ones aren’t always man enough
for the volume of sand required for masterpieces of epic proportions.  Successful construction projects will require
a multitude of buckets and/or moulds, so make sure you have a good selection to
offer some variation in your building project. Finally, you might want to add
some really intricate details, so ensure you have some smaller spades, etc to
add some carved areas.

Construction methods.

You are only really limited by your imagination when it
comes to building the perfect sandcastle. With little ones we’d opt for a more
classic collection of bucket moulded turrets adjoined by some hand carved
walls, but the more adventurous could aim a little higher. You can find a
further guide on ‘techniques’ here and try your hand at arches, soft packing,
hand stacking and towers.

If you need a beach holiday in Cornwall then find out more
about the award-winning Gwel an Mor here or call reception 0209 842 354 to find
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