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Operation Hedgehog in Portreath

The team at Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre are working with Portreath Council and Portreath School on a project that will make the town the first ‘hedgehog friendly’ village in Cornwall. It is part of a nationwide scheme to protect our prickly friends. The aim of the initiative is to use Portreath as an example to highlight the aims of a larger scheme called Operation Hedgehog across Cornwall.

Hedgehog numbers are rapidly declining. In 1950
there were 36 million Hedgehogs and there are less than a million today; and
since 2000 hedgehog numbers have fallen by over 50% in rural areas across the
UK. Hedgehogs live in gardens, woods and fields and their numbers have declined
because of green spaces being tidied up, development, increased traffic, lack
of insect food and nesting sites, and pesticides.

As part
of the initiate to support Portreath go hedgehog friendly, an information
leaflet explaining how people can help will be given to pupils at Portreath
Community Primary School and delivered to all households in Portreath. Follow up talk
for adults in Portreath about how they can help hedgehogs are also planned.

We are really proud to be involved with this
project and will contribute where we can. Head Ranger Gary Zammit will be
hosting a talk to Portreath School to introduce pupils to a hedgehog and
talking them through how to make their gardens and outside spaces hedgehog
friendly. This will include advice on keeping green and wild spaces for these
shy animals.

For more information and details
of how you can help, including how to get your village or town to get hedgehog
friendly, please email operation.hedgehog@cornwall.gov.uk.

If you see a hedgehog during the day, or find one which is sick or
injured, contact Prickles and Paws on 01637


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