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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions…

It’s that age-old process of thinking of changes you’d like to make, improvements in life and work that seem a good target for the year ahead. Perhaps best taken with a pinch of salt as many have failed by the end of January! Well, let’s see if we can make those resolutions a little easier, and tie them in with a break in Cornwall!

Get fit.

By the end of January the gyms
are at full capacity, with space at a premium and the whole experience being
particularly uninspiring. Head to Cornwall, get outside and enjoy real space!
You’ll find plenty of options here in Cornwall. Run the coast path and take in
the scenery, ride the waves and surf your way to fitness, or join any number of
beach based boot/fit camps to share the experience with others. All you need to
bring to Cornwall is an open mind!


Eat healthily.

This one is always a little
trickier in the cold dark months at the start of the year, returning home to an
empty fridge and a take away menu! Cornwall can help, as a well established ‘foodie’ destination you’ll be sure to find some exquisite, healthy cuisine.
Eat fresh fish and vegetables but avoid the pasties and you can enjoy good grub
without the guilt! If you can’t get to Cornwall then get Cornwall delivered to
you – with companies like Cornish Seasalt and Cornish Seaweed you can enjoy the
fruits of the sea wherever you are!


Try something new.

Whether you are a thrill seeker,
or prefer something a little more sedate, Cornwall has so much to offer in
terms of learning and trying new experiences. Surfing, coasteering and kayaking
will allow you to dive right into new experiences in Cornwall. Alternatively,
tackle crafting and painting with revered art schools by the sea. Learn a new
skill such as cookery, at award winning cookery schools throughout the county.


Spend more time with family.

A holiday is a great way to
spend time together, enjoying each other’s company and catching up. A holiday
in Cornwall will enable you to spend quality time together, from playing on the
beach to sitting around the dining table in the evening. There is no better
place, with that ‘home away from home’ feeling, than Cornwall – so add it to
the list for the year!

Appreciate what you’ve got and
be thankful!

Sitting on the beach or a cliff
top looking out at the Atlantic sea is a beautiful thing, Cornwall has a
magical feeling that will let you appreciate everything that you have. If you
need convincing, come and stay with us here at Gwel an Mor. We can show you the
beauty of Cornwall and let you appreciate family, friends and good times for
what they are!

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