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March at Feadon Farm

What a great start to the month! On the 1st during a ‘Wildlife Experience’, we found the first, wild, slow worms of the year. As expected, they were all males as they emerge from hibernation a few weeks before the females. We also have frog’s spawn hatching and newts courting in the Feadon pond, all great signs that Spring has started.

Today I glanced into our small pond and found a shoal of about thirty sticklebacks (small native fish). We didn’t plan to have fish in the pond, they must have come in as eggs or youngsters in weed that we added from a nearby pond, so to coin a phrase from Jurassic park,  ‘Nature finds a way’. Thankfully our small pond is a relatively new, man-made pond, so we have not upset the ecosystem of an established pond by adding the weed but from this you can see how easily this can happen.

So what else is happening at the farm? Our chicken eggs went into the incubator a few days ago so we will have chicks for Easter. As it’s Spring our adders have come out of hibernation and are back on show in their tank. We hibernate them in a fridge at 6C as this gives us control over the temperature to ensure they don’t get too hot or too cold. This is important as in the wild they go underground where the temperature remains pretty static until Spring. The fridge is the easiest way of us replicating this. We are hopeful that we will see some courtship in the next few weeks and then the slithering of tiny bellies in mid-summer.

I know I’m always banging on about how much wildlife people miss out on just because they don’t look, but I’m writing this blog on a train bound for London, where we are visiting our daughter and between Redruth and Truro Alyson’s already spotted a beautiful fox  in the middle of a sunny field,  which incidentally  is perfectly normal as foxes are ‘cathemeral’ which means they’re active day and night. We have also spotted tons of birds including buzzards, wood pigeons, swans, egrets  and countless LBJ’s (little brown jobbies).   We live in such an amazing part of the country and we have an abundance of wildlife around us but the distractions of day to day life, unfortunately, mean we miss out on seeing  so much of it. So I’m going to close now so I can concentrate on what’s out and about!


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