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June at Feadon Farm

Feadon Farm is a one stop shop for exciting and inspiring
wildlife experiences, we have something for everyone of any age. One of the things we pride ourselves on here is the opportunity for local
school children to spend a day at Feadon Farm learning all about our British Wildlife.

June is a great month for guests and the public to book on to one of our Night Walk activities. It is an excellent time of year to see wild bats, foxes, badgers and deer. To be able to see them at night we use thermal imaging and a high-powered lamp. Part of the Night Walk also involves flying our barn owl in the dark, and meeting some of resident animals like the foxes, bats, hedgehogs and more.

June is a quite a busy period for the wildlife centre, as
well as caring daily for the animals we have a lot of school visits scheduled.
School visits are becoming more and more popular as the word gets out about our
unique experiences. 
A school day visit includes a short walk down into Feadon woods looking at badger sets and trails, tawny owl nest or chicks
depending on the time of year, listening to and working out which wild birds
you can hear singing. The children then get to meet and fly birds of prey such as Sly one of our Barn Owls, meet and stroke our four foxes, if they are lucky maybe even get a kiss
from one. This section of the visit is particularly
important as it gives us a chance to explain to people about this most
misunderstood of our British animals. The reality of foxes is that it’s not a savage killer but just a predator doing
what it needs to do to survive.

Headlines in newspapers such as child bitten by a Fox is
understandably quite frightening to read, however these situations are
extremely rare. Children bitten by dogs, which is a common occurrence, doesn’t
make headlines unless sadly it is quite an extreme incident that is because it’s
to common place to be worth publishing and making the news. There are no reported (human) deaths by foxes yet an
average of three people are killed by dogs annually in the UK, numerous deaths
caused by horses and seventy-four people have been killed by cattle in the last
15 years. Even more bizarre is the fact that two people are killed annually by
vending machines.

Anyway, back to our wonderful school visits. During their
day children also get up close and personal to other wildlife such as toads,
snakes and even our bats, like Maisy one of our long-eared bats, as she flies
over the children’s heads. Many children have never seen a bat let alone one up
close and it is wonderful to see their faces as they experience it. Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little
inspiration, we make it easier than ever to plan an educational and unforgettable
trip. We can also create tailor made educational trips to your
specification and cover any topic (e.g. how animals adapt to their habitats),
all you have to do is get in touch and we’ll plan, book and deliver an
educational and engaging trip perfect for your students. Group rates and free teacher places are also available.
Get out of the classroom today!

To book a visit to Feadon Farm please call 01209 842354. Wildlife activities are £8 for kids and £13 for adults. Click here to find out more

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