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‘Hygge’ in Cornwall

It’s the Collin’s Dictionary word of the year and the lauded as the second viking invasion in the UK. This invasion is of a different sort, as ‘hygee’ is exported from the Danes to us Brits as a way of life and method for enjoying the colder, darker winter months we are subjected to each year.

‘Hygge’ (pronounced
hue-ugh) according to author of The Little Book
of Hygge Meik Wiking
, can be defined as ‘Togetherness, relaxations,
indulgence, presence and comfort. It all boils down to the pursuit of everyday
happiness – the art of creating intimacy and cocoa by candlelight.’ At its
essence hygge is about a sense of cosiness and family, perfect for long dark
nights in each other’s company!

So, here are a few tips for
bringing some hygge and spiritual wealth to your winter and Christmas this year…

Light some candles

When you think of those evocative
film moments in bygone eras and romantic moments there are always candles and
twinkling lights. The Danes burn more candles than any other European nation,
it helps to create a relaxing atmosphere, so we strongly recommend the same!
When you get home after a day at work or exploring a Cornish coast path light a
candle and settle down.


Aside from ‘hygge’ the Danish are particularly
talented in the world of pastry. Danish pastries are the perfect partner for a
cosy night in. Hygge suggests indulging in what you love, and if Danish
pastries are something you’re fond of then carry on, it’s all about things that
make you happy.

Don’t work late

Working till well after dark is
tiring, stressful and the complete antithesis of hygge. To truly achieve the
perfect hygee you must put family time at the top of your agenda, so come home
early and enjoy some company with your loved ones. Play a game, eat together
and tell stories till late!

Take lunch early

Have a big lunch early, around
11ish, that way you’ll have plenty of fuel to continue work for the afternoon
and be done at the end of the day ready to get home and spend time with your

Cycle or Walk

Cycle or walk to work so that you
get some exercise, it’s a way of increasing dopamine in your brain which is a ‘feel-good’ or ‘happiness’ hormone. Make sure you get enough exercise on a day to day basis
so that your work and life balance is in favour of hygge!

Here at Gwel an Mor Resort we have
the perfect lodges for a little hygge. With a cosy open plan living area our
wooden Scandinavian styled lodges offer perfect respite from wild winter
weather. You can watch the sea from your living room whilst snuggled down with
a hot chocolate (or mulled wine!) in front of your own wood burning stove. If
you want to embrace the outdoor elements of hygge you can get on the beach, or
simply relax in your own bubbling hot tub and look at the starry night sky!

If you need a family holiday in
Cornwall that supplies hygge in abundance then come to Gwel an Mor.


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