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Healthy Seaside Living in Cornwall

We are lucky to live so close to the sea. Not only is it beautiful to look at, play in and explore, it also offers its own health and wellbeing benefits. Here are, should you need them, further reasons to book your short break in Cornwall at Gwel an Mor.

Sleeping Beauty

Sea air is loaded with healthy negative ions. They help you to absorb more oxygen and as such, give you that almost tired, relaxed sensation at the end of the day. With so much to enjoy, you’ll be glad of a sound night of sleep to keep you refreshed for more adventures!


Happy Holidays

The aforementioned negative ions help to balance your bodies’ serotonin levels. This chemical is linked to moods and stress, so by absorbing some levelling sea air you’ll return home feeling relaxed, happy and at one with the world!


Breathe Deep

Your lungs will feel the benefit of salt in the air. Fresh air encourages you to breathe more deeply and those who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma and bronchitis will feel the benefits of coastal air very quickly.


Vitamin D

In moderation, the sun provides benefits in the form of Vitamin D, helping to keep your bones healthy and combat various diseases. Just remember to always wear sun cream!


Vitamin ‘Sea’

Just being in the sea is a good thing. It helps to produce endorphins and gives you that ‘feel good factor’ and a sense of being alive. The salt acts as a natural exfoliator, replenishes skin with vitamins and minerals and helps to treat a multitude of skin inflammations and irritants.


If you need further assistance with relaxation then here at Gwel an Mor we have The Wellbeing Spa. Currently, we have wonderful Spa Day Packages available, including Aromatherapy massage, facility access and lunch in The Terrace Restaurant with a glass of Prosecco! Pure bliss!

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