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Geocaching in Cornwall

Cornwall is well known for its nautical history. The coastline is littered with smugglers coves, shipwrecks and potential hidden treasure. It’s an amazing place to explore, with nearly 300 miles of Southwest coastpath. When on holiday in Cornwall it is almost essential that you head out on some of these well-trodden routes, but it can be difficult to keep the whole family entertained on such walks. If only there was something to achieve or do whilst walking on the coast path…

The new way to get out and find modern hidden treasure is geocaching. A cross between traditional orienteering and the old letterboxes on Dartmoor it involves finding hidden boxes (geocaches) with various contents from GPS locations using any smart device you care to use. To get started you can download the app, or sign up for a free version on www.geocaching.com

Basically, you can look at the map in the area in which you are to locate the containers/geocaches, you then use the technology at your fingertips to locate the geocache. Finding the right GPS location using a phone is relatively easy, but once on the spot you’ll most likely need to do some more hunting as they can be pretty well hidden!

Once you’ve located the geocache you simply sign the logbook and select a treasure and perhaps leave something for the next treasure hunter to find! You then return to the website or app to record and share your adventures and treasure – it’s a real community game.

If you really enjoy yourself you can create and register your own geocaches, so why not put together a trail around your favourite part of the coast, countryside or city? Here at Gwel an Mor in Portreath there are 961 geocaches within a 10-mile radius, enough to keep you busy for your next few luxury lodge holidays in Cornwall

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