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Euro 2016 in Cornwall

Summer 2016 is firmly in sight. This year sports fanatics will rejoice, with both Euro 2016 and the Rio 2016 taking place this summer. This actually means that London 2012 was four years ago, which is a statistic that is difficult to believe!

With the Premier league over and the FA cup decided it’s time to look forwards! This year appears to be the year of the underdog too, so perhaps home hopes may stand a better chance than usual!

Watching international competitive sport at home is great, but we think it is even better whilst on holiday in Cornwall, better still in the comfort of your own luxury lodge. Here is our advice for watching a summer of sport…

Like all sportsmen, ensure you warm up thoroughly. We recommend that you stretch your legs on the nearby coast path and take plenty of fresh air. You will also need the right food, we all know that nutrition plays a huge part in performance. You’ll be spoilt for choice here in Cornwall, with beautiful local produce and an amazing restaurant here at Gwel an Mor where you will find super foods to fuel your viewing!

Hydrate. You’ll never perform to the top of your ability without keeping yourself hydrated. A beautiful self-catering lodge in Cornwall is perfect for this, with plenty of fridge space for refreshments for everyone’s requirements. Locally there are wine producers such as Polgoon, cider from the likes of Healey’s and a plethora of local craft ales, from Keltek Brewery to the Rebel Brewing Company.

Kriss Akabusi would have advised a PMA (positive mental attitude) but perhaps we could call it ‘focus’. To enable you to focus here, at Gwel an Mor we have a number of options. Firstly you could unwind and get your body and mind in harmony with a treatment in The Wellbeing Spa. There are treatments for men and women alike alongside the Treatment of the Month.

Be ruthless and have your competitive streak ready. You can try your hand at various sports here in Cornwall; race bicycles, ride the surf and kayak around the cliffs. There is little more enjoyable than a little family competition, with abundant beaches we suggest you take on your own beach Olympics.

Behind every great champion is an amazing team, supporting them to achieve greatness. Luckily, a holiday in a luxury lodge in Cornwall means you can bring an extensive support crew, in fact you can literally bring the whole family. They’ll be able to guide you to the perfect performance. Most importantly, they’ll be able to celebrate after your victory too, having drinks overlooking the sea and watching the sunset.

Professional athletes will ensure that they ‘warm down’, with the preferred approach often a cold plunge pool. Luckily, a holiday in Cornwall will put you in striking distance of the sea. It’s the best cure for aching muscles and is both exhilarating and therapeutic.

After the exertion of competitive sport it is time to relax. A luxury lodge in Cornwall with its own private deck and hot tub is the ideal remedy for those who have exhausted themselves. We all know that watching the home nations is anything but relaxing, so make sure you wind down after the inevitable disappointment of an early bath for England!


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