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Alternative New Year’s Resolutions in Cornwall

It’s the time of the year to take stock and look forward to
2017. All in all 2016 has been a fantastic year; we’ve had a lot of fun here in
Cornwall and met lots of lovely folk having fabulous family holidays. We’ve
enjoyed great weather and beach days, Poldark returned and the warmth of summer
hung around well into October.

Now we are looking forward to some festive cheer andChristmas parties. Santa has been here at Gwel an Mor for the last few weeks,
working with his reindeer down at Feadon Farm. Chef and his team are preparing
to dazzle us on Christmas day with the perfect Christmas lunch and we’ll be
eating and drinking in the restaurant on New Year’s Eve before retiring to our
hot tub to welcome in the new year!

So, we thought we’d share some more alternative resolution
methods with you to kick off 2017…

Create a year bucket list

Make 2017 a year where actions speak louder than words.
Write yourself a list of things to achieve, do and see and tick them off as you
go. Here in Cornwall it could be visiting St Michael’s Mount, making your own
Cornish pasty or catching your first fish.

Set a 30-day challenge

Pick a month to achieve something amazing. This could be
anything you like, but make it positive. We’d like to suggest 30-days of
walking at least a mile a day; it’s great for your health and a really great
excuse to explore the miles of beautiful Cornish coast path on offer on holiday
in Cornwall.

Set a challenge for the year

Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, sets himself a yearly
goal, in the past this has included learning Mandarin. Set yourself an ambition
for 2017 and make a real impact on your life. Learn to surf? Swim a mile in the
sea? Run a marathon? Learn the Cornish language? Write a book?

Look forward

Make a list of things to look forward to in 2017, this way
the special moments won’t just pass you by. Birthdays, celebrations and social
events of importance should all be on this list. This will show you how many
great things and people there are in your life.

Learn something you didn’t as a child

Some skills we simply don’t pick up when we are children
pick that bit more tricky to learn, make 2017 the year to buck this trend.
Learn to swim, crack riding a bike or learn the ropes of fishing. All of this
is something you can do right here in Cornwall.

Keep your taste buds guessing

Try new food each month. Cornwall is home to some of the
finest culinary delights in the UK, so a perfect spot to try new food. Book a
table and enjoy fresh seafood, book a course and learn to cook game or try
other local foods like pasties and fudge…yum!

Whatever resolutions you make just ensure you make time for
yourself and your loved ones. Spend time together and appreciate those moments.
Come to Cornwall to share magical moments and reboot yourself!

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