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A winter wedding

This month’s Event’s Team blog post is all about the stunning winter
wedding that took place here at Landal Gwel an Mor in late January. The way the bride
incorporated deep, plummy reds and woody greens throughout the day really
fitted in with the time of year. It was the perfect pick me up after that long
horrible month after the Christmas period. Find out how the pair met via a
dating site, what their plans are as a married couple and how they made their
wedding day so personal to the two of them. Read on to see what the
stunning bride had to say about her beautiful wedding day… 

What was your favourite part of the day?

t’s hard to pick a favourite
part; I loved every second of it! Seeing my bridesmaids in their dresses all
ready to go took my breath away- they looked stunning. Walking to Rob at the
end of the aisle and catching his eyes melted my heart. Having my stepdad walk
me down the aisle made me so proud. All in all having all our loved ones share
and celebrate the most amazing day with us was perfect! 

Did Rob have any responsibilities throughout the planning
of the wedding?

Well, not really we discussed
what we wanted together, but then I took control, called the suppliers and got
things booked. He did have to sort the men’s suits and pick them up
for the day, but I was the one that arranged the fittings for him. He did
come to meetings with me and of course the food tasting! Oh and he wrote his
own speech of course!

How did you and Rob meet?

We actually met on Plenty of
Fish (dating site) he messaged me first and after texting for a while we
decided to meet and the rest is history.

What parts of the planning stages did you find stressful?

The only thing I did stress over
was my seamstress, she cancelled on me 20 days before the wedding day, and I
went into panic mode. Luckily April Bespoke Seamstress Services saved
the day and did a beautiful job in making my dress fit
perfectly.  I was very organised throughout the whole planning
process and was only stressed about a week before, because I wanted everything
to go smoothly and was thinking of things that could go wrong- luckily nothing
did. The bridesmaids were amazing and my family couldn’t have been more supportive
so I had nothing to worry about and of course, the events team at Landal Gwel an
Mor had everything covered.

What influenced your colour/theme?

I always wanted a rustic winter
wedding and the plum bridesmaid dresses just seemed to fit perfectly with that.
It was a very bold colour and worked so well with the surroundings, then followed
this throughout the decoration with gold ribbons and hessian. I loved it!

Have you got any advice or words of wisdom for future
bride and grooms?

Stay organised and book
suppliers well in advance! (Brides are booking well in advance nowadays).
Understand that people will have requests and wants for your wedding day,
but remember that – IT’S YOUR DAY! 

What parts of the day would you spend more money on than

When I bought my dress, I was
showed all the accessories and bought a hoop for my dress (which was over
£100) my seamstress said this wasn’t needed, so I wish I had not just gone
with it and asked first to save the pennies. I was very lucky to have my mum
make my cake and invites, so I would definitely say to save the pennies where
you can make things yourself. I wouldn’t have spent our budget any other way
though I was very happy with everything, it did open my eyes to how much
weddings cost though and certain things like flowers and photographer, I didn’t
mind spending that bit extra on as they were important to us.

How are you enjoying married life?

It’s amazing, people say ‘oh
it’s only a bit of paper’ but to me it’s so much more than that. I honestly
feel awesome being a wife and making that commitment to Rob for the rest of our
lives. Rob was really sweet and said getting married opened another door of
love for him. I’m a very happy woman!

If you could do the whole day again what would you do differently?

I honestly hand on heart
wouldn’t change a thing; I wish I could do it all over again! I made sure I
made the effort to talk and spend time with all of our guests and take
everything in as the day goes so quick! If I had to say something it would be
not to worry so much the morning of the wedding, because it all went so
smoothly and I had nothing to worry about!

What is the proposal story?

I didn’t see it coming! Rob and
I were actually staying at Landal Gwel an Mor just for a weekend to relax and spend
time together. He went to go and get some bits to cook me breakfast in bed and
came back with a massive bunch of beautiful flowers, as I held them he
disappeared behind them and was on one knee with my gorgeous engagement ring! I
of course said yes and then cried a lot!

What did you do for your honeymoon?

We went away to Bude – The Round House for a couple of nights, it was lovely, this was more of a ‘mini moon’ our
pennies are now going into our new house and our honeymoon will be next year
when we can afford to go abroad- somewhere with sea, sand,
 sunshine and of course cocktails!

Any plans for the future as a married couple?

Our spare time is now being
spent on renovating our new home together. It’s nice as it is something we can
do together (although I’m not trusted with the power tools). Here we will start
a new chapter…maybe a little family.

Who were your suppliers?

Cake – Mother, Caroline Cox

Hair – Hair by Victoria in

Make-up – Daniella Hodgson

Flowers – Anna’s Flower Barn

Photographer – Olivia WR

Dresses – Wed2b

Suits – Little Ann Maids

DJ – Sound One Disco



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