Meet Forrest Stump


The Fox and the Hound gets a twist in the tail

Our tail-less fox cub, Forrest Stump and Feadon Farm dog Barney have become firm friends.

It is with a heavy heart and great regret that we have to announce that Forrest Stump passed away in the third week of July. Obviously this is a very painful time for all of our staff, none more so than Alyson and Gary.

We are happy in the knowledge that he lead a full and happy life at the farm and would like to thank you all for your love and supportive words during his time with us.

We will leave this page up for a few more days to celebrate his bright but short life with his best buddy Barney.

When our rescued fox Copper came to us we shared with you the story of his friendship with Feadon Farm lurcher Jack in the original Gwel an Mor version of 'The Fox and the Hound'.

Now there's a new twist in the tale, as we introduce Forrest Stump, the adorable fox cub and our newest Feadon Farm resident.

Forrest the fox cub was discovered at just four weeks old, malnourished and soaking wet laying in a puddle in a field outside Newquay, Cornwall by a kind-hearted tourist out for an evening walk.

When the tiny cub was rushed to Penmellyn Vets in St Columb Major, it was discovered that he was also missing his tail, presumably ripped off by another wild animal, which led the nurses to name him Forrest Stump.

The vets at the practice instantly contacted our wildlife ranger Gary Zammit, well known for his conservation work, and love of foxes.

"He was in an awful state when they found him and it was touch and go for a long time.  A fox this young can go downhill very quickly, so he needed round the clock care.  It's a bit like having a new born with night time feeds and constant attention."

Fortunately for Forrest, Gary is no stranger to foxes having already rescued and hand-reared many foxes for release into the wild.  Two of those foxes, who were unable to be release, now live at our Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre and are a massive hit with everyone who meets them.

But Gary isn't alone in his work to rehabilitate Forrest, he has help from an unlikely source, his dog Barney.  The unlikely 'kennel mates' struck up an instant rapport, as Barney too was discovered abandoned and missing his tail. Take a look at our video below to see some of their hi-jinks!

"It really was love at first sight with them both.  Barney is so gentle with him and they play for hours and hours. They are exhausting to watch.  I think they might be kindred spirits - even without tails to wag you can tell they are happiest when they are together!"

The tail-less duo spend all their time together playing, Gary added: "It's excellent news as Forrest will never be able to go into the wild now.  We plan to give him a home here at the farm with our other foxes, Meadow, Copper and Todd.  The more time he spends with Barney and with us at home the easier it will be for him to fit in."

Forrest has already got a growing army of fans who keep up with his progress via our Facebook page, but we'd also love to trace the kind tourist who found him so we can keep them up to date with Forrest's progress!

Update 20th June 2014

Our rescued fox cub is growing up fast and has now been introduced to our resident adult foxes, Todd, Meadow and Copper. The video below shows the first ever meeting, as you'll see (and hear), it's all very exciting for little Forrest!

He's now spending about 15 minutes a day in the outside run of the main fox barn with the adult foxes, with supervision. Over time they'll get used to each other and eventually Forrest will be able to move in full time.

In the meantime, Forrest is still spending the rest of his time with his best friend Barney the Feadon Farm dog, more of their escapades on film to come soon! 


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