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Each month our professional beauty therapists and spa manager will share their experience with you, giving you all the know-how to pamper and look after yourself.

This month we are finding out about how to look after 'combination skin'.

Combination skin is dry in some areas and oily in others. This imbalance is affected by environmental factors and genetics. The T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) is usually oily, while patches of dryness may be found on the cheeks.

Home care routine

I would suggest you cleanse, tone and moisturise day and night.

Cleansing your skin I would use a gentle, mild cleanser that will remove your make up and unclog your pores.

By toning your face it balances your skin and helps to tighten open pores.

Your moisturiser should be oil free. A gel based moisturiser would work really well.

I would suggest exfoliating once weeks to help get rid of dead skin cells. Exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and polishes your skin.

I would suggest a face mask once or twice a week. Combining of clarifying (t-zone) and moisturising mask may work best. Application of clarifying mask/ clay based mask with clarifying and soothing properties will help to absorb excess sebum, pull impurities out of your pores and leave clear and radiant while moisturizing mask helps to restore moisture balance of your skin.

Do not pick or squeeze your spot as it will enlarge the size of open pores and oil glands will secrete more oil.

Make-up products which are oil free are always best with people with combination skin. 











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