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This month we are talking about looking after sensitive skin....


What is sensitive skin?

If you have ever experienced your skin break out in red patches, blemishes or even tingly and itching sensations, these are all sign of sensitivity. Skin sensitivity can be noticed on various parts of the body including legs, arms, hands, face etc and not just the face as many consider it.  However there are people who think they might have a sensitive skin when it could just be an ingredient present in the product they are using. Sensitive skin is one of the most overused words where everyone says they have a sensitive skin because it reacted to a product in a certain way.

Some of the points below will help you to know if you have sensitive skin:

When the products you use cause stinging or redness on the skin

If your skin develops any tightness, dryness or heat rashes when exposed to harsh weather conditions as extreme heat, wind or coldness.

How to combat sensitive skin?

It is important to use sunscreen on sensitive skin all year round to protect your skin and prevent UV damage. Make sure to apply moisturiser every day, not only it will protect your skin from environmental factors but also will keep skin moisture level at bay.

Avoid using skincare and cosmetic products that have alcohol, harsh exfoliants of synthetic fragrances as these can harm the skin. Instead use products that have powerful antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients like white tea, aloa vera and oats. If you have trouble finding products for your skin go for products labelled hypo-allergenic and fragrance free.

Always do patch tests before buying any knew skincare product or get advice from an expert before you purchase products. 









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