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Read Gary's wildlife columns in Cornwall Today magazine

Added 1 years ago

If you're a regular reader of the fantastic Cornwall Today magazine, you may already know that our very own wildlife ranger Gary Zammit has been contributing to the publication each month as a guest wildlife columnist. Cornwall Today is a fantastic magazine all about this magical county, so if you're a fan of Cornwall it's a pretty safe bet you'll like the magazine.

His first column was in the February issue earlier this year, in which Gary let readers know which flora and fauna they can spot throughout the year and shared his unique knowledge of Cornish wildlife and happenings at our on-site Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre.

In March, Gary talked about the new fox barn he'd built on the Farm, and the work we do to help vaccinate badgers in our area against Bovine TB.

The April issue saw Gary telling us what was going on the world of Cornish wildlife during April - including bluebells, birdsong and greater spotted woodpeckers. In May, Gary explained how to spot adders in the wild, safely of course, and described his own close shave with an adder on his 16th birthday, not such a great birthday present!

In the June issue, Gary tackled some of the more common misconceptions about our foxy friends.

If you've missed any of the articles so far, here they are below. We couldn't be prouder that Gary is a part of Cornwall Today this year.

June 2014 (click to enlarge)

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

February 2014



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