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Life on the Feadon Farm

Added 5 yearss ago

Fox Cub Copper is now in with the adult fox’s Tod and Medow, all is going well and Copper is enjoying being part of the night walks with Gary and his dog Jack.

8 baby hedge hogs have gone to large outside pens in preparation for release into the wild.

Young Tawny Owl has arrived on the farm to start work making friends and flying to children soon.

The tadpoles have now grown up and so our wildlife pond is full of beautiful baby toads.

A near-by wild fox has had 6 cubs on site and is regularly seen on the night walks.

Baby Squirrels at Gwel an Mor
Here you can see our resident squirrels as babies. Basil, Sasha and Manwell were rescued from a tree which was taken down by a tree surgeon, unknown to him the little ones were nesting in the branches. Our wildlife expert Gary Zammit bottle reared them back to health and now as fully grown adults they are loved by all that see them on our wildlife walks at Gwel an Mor.

Baby Hedgehogs at Gwel an Mor
Our prickly friends at Gwel an Mor, ‘Norma’ and Norman’ are so very cute and doing ever so well down at the farm.  See them in this video as babies.

We have lots of other wildlife here at Gwel an Mor too, keep checking for regular updates on the news section of the site, or even better come and see them for yourself (more information on the wildlife section of the website).

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