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How to prepare your skin for Winter, some tips from our Wellbeing Spa team...

Added 3 yearss ago

Cold, wind, and even indoor air can leave your skin dehydrated and flaky. Here are some TLC recommendations for your winter weary skin. Rescue your skin from extreme winter dryness by:


Switching from light lotion to heavier moisturizer. Cold weather, winds and spending much of the time in a home or office with dry heat blasting, all contribute to dry skin. That isn’t just on your face, but your entire body. Use creams which are typically more moisturizing as they do a much better job at protecting against temperature and humidity extremes.

Don’t skip sunscreen. Regardless of the temperature or time of the year the sun emits ultraviolet/UV/ rays that can harm our skin and lead to premature aging or skin cancer. To minimize such damage, use a product with an SPF of at least 15.  

Cleanse and exfoliate. Avoid harsh face washes and opt for a soft cream cleanser. Gently exfoliate the skin to help get rid of dry skin cells.

Take shorter shower as they can leave our skin crying out for moisture over the long-term. Opt for shorter more lukewarm baths and make sure to add oils, as they leaving your skin soft and supple. Pat your skin dry afterwards and remember- add a layer of moisturizer from head to toe!

Don’t forget your hands Pay extra attention to them and remember to moisturize them each time you wash your hands.

Kissable lips. Break the lip-licking cycle as it actually cause dry, cracked lips. Keep a nice lip balm in your handbag and apply it few times throughout the day.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Remember to hydrate from inside. Your skin needs extra moisture during cold, dry months. Herbal teas are also a great warming way to keep hydrated when it’s cold outside.

Boost winter skin health with nutrition. A good diet with plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables will ensure maximum benefit from antioxidants which help to strengthen the skin.


A trip to the spa can be the perfect answer to the winter blues and rejuvenate the skin while calming your mind .Come and visit the Wellbeing Spa….choose a relaxing massage with oils, hot stones or a comforting treatment to the skin with some calming music playing in the background…Bliss!!!






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