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Feadon Farm Update

Added 5 yearss ago

The latest 'goings on' down at the farm...

We have had great success with our bird boxes this year with numerous blue tits, great tits, house sparrows and others have been seen leaving the box throughout the Summer.  On one walk however we found this box had not been used by the birds but instead by a squirrel who was using it to catch his forty winks much to the amusement of our younger guests! 


The farm have bred 12 hedgehogs this year, 8 of which were released in the Summer. Norma then had her second litter of two, these are known as Autumn Babies and do not usually survive in the wild as they don't have enough time to put the fat on required to get them through the Winter so our two will stay here at the centre until Spring, then will be released. 


This beautiful common blue butterfly was leisurely sunning itself on the path in our wildlife meadow, it is just one of several species recorded on our walks this year. 







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