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Cereal Stealing Squirrel!

Added 4 yearss ago

Mad early morning rush…siblings fighting over the last of the milk; normal for most households breakfast tables on any given weekday morning but perhaps not so normal would be the addition of an unusual member at the table…a certain cereal stealing squirrel!

Just over 3 weeks ago, after being brutally attacked by a cat, a baby squirrel was brought to our wildlife centre in hope of the team salvaging the creature, who was covered in bite wounds and abscesses all over. 

Gary Zammit our wildlife centre manager, cleaned and treated her wounds and was even getting up 3 times a night to bottle feed the squirrel as she was still on mother’s milk. Gary’s wife Aly Zammit, who works with him at the centre comments ‘ he didn’t even do the night feeds with our own children! But the squirrel he will feed at any hour without complaining!’


Now fully recovered the squirrel is making a regular appearance at the family breakfast table and has grown rather fond of their chosen cereal- crunchy nut cornflakes, often pinching it from the children’s breakfast bowls right under their noses.  The family have quite fittingly named this cheeky character, Kellog.

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