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A new home for our Feadon Farm foxes

Added 2 yearss ago

Our Feadon Farm team have been hard at work on a new home for our foxes Copper, Meadow and Todd and we're proud to reveal the results!

In a building project that Gary and Alyson have been tackling on and off when time allows over the past six months, the foxes now have a much larger, stable-style barn with an outside run. Their new digs has been created in what was the old Maintenance building.

Each of the foxes has an individual stall with a beautiful sign on the door, hand-painted by Alyson, and there's even a fourth stall for Lady, one of the first foxes we had at Feadon Farm who passed away four years ago.

And as no stable would be complete without a horse or two, the foxes also have a couple of new 'neigh'-bours to share their new home with!

Here are a few shots of the new barn taking shape and the foxes seeing it for the first time.














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