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Great cycling trails & routes in Cornwall!

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We've tried and tested a selection of great cycling trails in and around Cornwall for you. From easier family friendly trails to the some more challenging rides.

Have a go and let us know what you think. Detailed route plansd are available from reception and we have a great range of bikes to hire to suit your needs and experience.

Route 1 - Tehidy Country Park

Difficulty: Beginner

Distance: Variable

Terrain: Mostly flat woodland trails and footpaths

This ride is suitable for all levels of cyclist and ideal for use with any of the bikes in our hire fleet as well as the tag-a-longs and bumper.

For all cyclists Tehidy Country Park really is a wide and varied playground where you can spend as little or as long as you like exploring different off-road routes. Enjoy the amazing woodland environment, feed the ducks and swans on the lake, relax at the cafe, picnic in the woods or tick off another part of the Mineral Tramways Trail from your list of holiday 'things to do'.

Pick up your detailed route plan at reception

Route 2 - The Coast to Coast Trail

Difficulty: Beginner

Distance: 12.94m there / 25.88m round trip

Terrain: Most of the trail is flat and whilst there are a few on-road sections and road crossings the majority of the trail is off-road on man-made trails with both tarmac and smooth gravel sections, making it perfect for all the family to ride.

This route can be ridden using any of the bikes from our hire fleet, including the bumper trailers and tag-a-long bikes.

Pick up your detailed route plan at reception

Route 3 - Portreath Branchline from Gwelan Mor

Difficulty: Intermediate/Experienced

Distance: 3.8m there /7.6m round trip

Terrain: Several sections of on-road cycling where great care should be taken and users need to have a good grasp of the Highway Code.

The Branchline trail links the coastal area of Portreath to the old mining village of Brea, with the trail following the route the trains would have travelled. The Branchline opened in 1838 as part of the Hayle Railway with its terminus at Portreath where the ore laden trucks were unloaded to waiting ships in exchange for coal and machinery which was sent inland for use in the mines. The Branchline also carried passengers for a period of time, starting in 1843 up until its closure in 1932.

This route links in perfectly with the start point of route 4 taking you onto the Great Flat Lode if you wish to extend your ride.

Pick up your detailed route plan at reception

Route 4 - The Great Flat Lode Trail

Difficulty: Intermediate/Experienced

Distance: 7.5m there / 15m round trip

Terrain: The terrain and quality of this trail varies greatly, with sections of tarmac off and on-road, rocky, stony off-road trails and bridleways. There are also several steep descents and ascents where you will need to be a confident bike handler. Only small portions of this trail are suitable for tag-a-longs or buggies.

In the 1860s when many of the copper mines were closing a ‘lode’ of tin ore was discovered in the South of Carn Brea, in an area previously working copper deposits. The ‘lode’ was almost 2 miles long and flatter than most, lying at 30 degrees to the horizontal as opposed to the usual 70 degrees, hence the name ‘The Great Flat Lode.’ The tine mines that worked the ‘lode’ were some of the most successful in the 19th century, producing over 90,000 tonnes of tin concentrate until they were closed in the 1920s.

The circular Great Flat Lode trail takes you on a tour of the mining area following part of the Basset Mine Tramway built to carry tin and ore from the mines for processing at the Wheal Bassett Stamps. Also visible en route are the remains of Cornwall’s last remaining tin smelter situated near Carnkie, and the monument at Carn Brea.

Pick up your detailed route plan at reception

Route 5 - Coast to Coast Trail (plus Wheal Busy Loop)

Difficulty: Intermediate/Experienced

Distance: 5.26m to the Wheal Busy Loop of 4m then 5.26m return. Round trip 14.52m

Terrain: Some narrow stretches of trail/track with rocky sections and several ascents/descents not suitable for tag-a-longs/buggies or kids bikes.

This route is ideal for intermediate or experienced mountain bike rider as the main trail covers some quite bumpy, rocky sections but at certain points along the way there are other trails for the more adventurous rider to venture off on providing plenty of technically rocky sections where good confident bike handling is essential.

Pick up your detailed route plan at reception

Route 6 - Gwelan Mor to Hayle

Difficulty: Intermediate/Experienced

Distance: 9.2m there /18.4m round trip

Terrain: This route is all on-road with a rolling terrain and a couple of slightly steeper hills. A portion of the route also takes you along the main road through Hayle where you will need to be confident riding safely in traffic

This on-road route is ideal for use with either the hybrid or comfort bikes available to hire from our bike fleet.

Pick up your detailed route plan at reception

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