The perfect place for a happy New Year; Cornwall

If you don’t fancy the same old night in front of the TV or expensive night on the town, where’s best to see in the start of a brand new year? Cornwall, of course!

Getting away at New Year is a fantastic and memorable way to end one year and start another, it gives you a chance to reflect on the ups and downs of the year gone past and plan bigger and better things for the one to come. And where better to ruminate on your hopes for the new year?

Cornwall at New Year is a real hideaway. While the magic of Christmas is still in the air, much of the busy festive whirlwind has calmed down a far more peaceful, reflective pace.

Cold, crisp days can be spent taking bracing winter walks along the coast or in the woods and countryside, there’s plenty of seasonal, hearty food to savour and chilly nights are best enjoyed snuggled under a blanket or in a bubbling hot tub under the stars. If this sounds like your idea of a fabulous new year, Cornwall is the destination for you.

New Year in Cornwall at Gwel an Mor Luxury Lodges

New Year in Cornwall at Gwel an Mor Luxury Lodges

So break the cycle and treat yourself to a new year to remember in Cornwall this year. At Gwel an Mor, we think New Year in Cornwall should be all about peace and quiet, quality time and luxury, three things you’ll find here at new year. You’re free to spend your new year in Cornwall however you choose, with a cosy five star lodge to call home.

Think New Year in Cornwall, think Gwel an Mor.

Click here for more information about Cornwall for New Year at Gwel an Mor.

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